Kate Upton, The Curves That Have Conquered The Covers of Fashion

There are models of all types and colors. There are cover models, models of brand and models of career on the catwalk. Just as there are actresses who only engage in the red carpet. Kate Upton It is one of the models of Victoria’s Secret, another category apart from the rest, and that she has taken up as the foam without any special charm except a provocative curves. The cover of Elle again to confirm.

I do not understand what can be seen a magazine like the American edition of Elle to devote one of its most important numbers to Kate Upton with Carter Smith as a photographer. The American model is closer to star in a cover of Penthouse and Hustler that a fashion magazine, GQ. And yet it has managed to become one of the most quoted. Good for her.

Kate Upton has convinced the world of fashion more media. The American already dedicated his quoted home of Vogue in the month of June 2013 with an expected photographer: Mario Testino.

All of this only by having to his credit two consecutive covers (2013 and 2012) also quoted bath number of Sports Illustrated.

If up to Carine Roitfeld devoted its cover of the autumn/winter of 2012 issue.

I still do not understand what can see fashion, and on the public, in a model well beyond the obvious charms of Kate Upton, who are not that often motivate this sector but the male. What has curves? Well, that perhaps it is worth. But apart from that is far from any large style of a supermodel. Simplistic and even vulgar.