If You Are a User of Adidas MiCoach Have Access to Runtastic Premium Forever

Today many of the sports have gotten a foot in the world of sports applications for mobile as a way of creating community among his followers, monitor how are our workouts and, therefore, what are the needs that users need to cover. So Nike for example has its platform Nike+Run Club, Under Armour was made with My Fitness Pal and Endomondo, ASICS bought Runkeeper and Adidas last year confirmed the purchase of Runtastic, one of the apps preferred by runners.

Adidas initially developed its own training platform, called Adidas miCoach. After the purchase of Runtastic, the idea of the German giant is to migrate their users to this app, offering them a succulent offer: access to the benefits of Runtastic Premium of lifelong.

Thus, the users of Adidas miCoach can easily transfer all your workouts to the Runkeeper platform without losing any. This will save you more than one headache to many, who will not have to go through the tedious process of manually, training that occurs sometimes when the platforms we use are not integrated.

In addition, Adidas miCoach users will have, as we have said, Runtastic Premium access of lifelong. What benefits does us this to “normal” users? Runtastic Premium allows users to access, among others, training plans for different distances, routes, provides access to statistics and advanced analysis of our workouts and, obviously, does not contain ads.

The premium version of Runtastic also allows access to Story Running: a sort of “virtual Adventures” with which you can liven up and gamify your racing. They are very curious and perfect for those days which gives us more laziness go train.

Subscription to Runtastic Premium costs 49,90 euros per year, so it is a good gift for former Adidas miCoach users. You can make the transition from Adidas miCoach to Runtastic easily on this website.