Free Bike Maintenance on the Coconut Route

Recife is among the capitals that have the highest rate of bicycle use in brazil.

Cyclists who ride the bike path of the Rota dos Coqueiros – the Paiva Reserve road system-on Thursday (28), from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm, will be able to enjoy the ride to enjoy free bike maintenance services. The 5th edition of the Cyclist on the Road, which takes place in partnership with the Verda Group and the Bike Shop 10, will install a support point and coexistence for lovers of the magrela, offering water, stretching and services such as calibration, brake adjustment, And lubrication. The Cyclist on the Route has already entered the calendar of the pedal boats that use the cycle path of the Coconut Route monthly. The aim of the action is to provide even more safety to cyclists and stimulate the sustainable mode.

Recife is among the capitals that have the highest rate of bicycle use in Brazil, appearing with 89.6% in research carried out by non-governmental organizations Observatório das Metrópoles and Active Transport. Rio de Janeiro appears next with 81.2% and Manaus with 77.8%. The use of modal has its effect on the streets, with extension of cycle paths and bike paths, points of the program Bike PE and more and more bike shop in companies, malls and commercial buildings in a general way.

In the Route of the Coqueiros, highway that cuts the Reserve of the Paiva and gives access to the beaches of the South Coast, more than 400 cyclists spend a month in their cycle route to walk, to move to the work, or even of a neighborhood to another one.In order to honor the expressive number of pedals on the bike path, the concessionaire created the Cyclist on the Road event, with the aim of giving convenience to cyclists who travel on the road system with guidelines and health services in order to develop habits that contribute to the well-Being and security of all. Otherwise, for the reason why you need to maintain your bike, go directly for HEALTHY.