Five Things to Take into Account in Your First Pilates Class

Beginning of course: you have already pointed to the gym, you know facilities, classes that are offered… now only remains to decide what you will try first! If you have decided for the Pilates, you say what are the five key points that you must know before entering your first class.

To attend your first Pilates class only, you need comfortable clothes and a mattress. There are people who use non-slip socks to handle better on the ground, but personally I prefer to work barefoot. Arm yourself with patience because the first days will be hard, but the results are worth! Let’s look at the five key points of the Pilates.

  • Keep it clear from the outset: Pilates is relaxation. Before your first class you mentalizing that a Pilates session is demanding physical and mental.
  • Pilates work on muscle strength: especially in the area of the core or powerhouse (Middle body section, encompassing all abdominal fascia and muscles deep in the abdomen), but also of your extremities.
  • You will learn to know and control your own body: I remember my first Pilates class, lying face down on the ground and thinking “I have to go up the leg”, but that thought it the leg not climbing. Didn’t really understand how to activate the mechanism that should make that move. In Pilates, you will learn to dissociate movements and working muscle chains.
  • You will learn to make a conscious breathing: breath control is one of the six principles that are based on the Pilates method. Conscious, diaphragmatic and intercostal breathing is essential when performing each of the exercises and progress them, and must be coordinated with them. This will help you in your day to day and in other sports.
  • You will improve your posture: the body alignment before any movement is very important when working with Pilates. You have to be sure of your girdle and pelvic waist are aligned before starting to move.

I hope these five basic points will serve help to know what you are going to deal with before entering your first Pilates class. Now already only is taking you value… and training!