Eurafrica Trail: a Mountain Race That Connects Two Continents

If what your are mountain races, can not stop aiming this quote from trail on your calendar: the Eurafrica Trail It’s a race of mountain stages linking Europe and the African, with part of it contested in Spain and elsewhere in Morocco.

The Eurafrica Trail is disputed between Europe and Africa: two very different but sister, territories along natural parks where you can enjoy nature. Three stages being held in Spain, Gibraltar and Morocco with different modalities of registration. Attentive because only there are between 100 and 150 back by testing, and registration opens March 30.

Three days and two contienentes: so are the dates and proofs of Eurafrica Trail:

  • October 11, Vertical race in Gibraltar: 4 kilometres of vertical travel from erupa Point, where is located the lighthouse at Gibraltar, to O ‘Hara’s batterym the highest point. A short but tough race which opens this year.
  • 12 October, 30 Cork and Cork 50: los Alcornocales Natural Park, which covers part of Cádiz and Málaga, is the second stop of this trail. There are two types of career, 30 and 50 km each, that run on trails with ups and downs. Difficulty medium/high.
  • 13 October, 40 Talassemtane: in territory of Morocco runs the final test, probably the hardest because of the technical ficultad of travel and the accumulated drop of almost 5000 meters.

There are different modalities of registration: We can register only to a test or more: If we want to make the test intercontinental can opt for enrollment packet for the “short version” of the three races (Gibraltar Vertical Race, Cork 30 and 40 Talassemtane) or “long” package (Gibraltar Vertical Race, Alcornocales 50 and Telassemtane 40). You have all registration prices on their website.

A career that offers tours and spectacular scenery, and you can start to prepare now.