Dutch Football Players Legends

Only after 1954 it became possible in the Netherlands to earn money playing football. Some did not wait and went abroad. Gerrit Visser, Gerrit Keizer, BEB BAKHUYS, Gerrie Vreken and Faas Wilkes were the first five, all with their own motives to pack their bags.

Gerrit Visser, Bethlehem Steel

The very first Dutch football player who was money earned abroad Gerrit Visser. Fisher was born in came Nieuwendam 2 February 1903 and played football in the twenties for the petrels from IJmuiden. It was decent, as was the Petrels in 1923-1924 division champions in the West and second in the championship round behind champion Feyenoord. A few months before debuting in the teams in the Dutch national team against Visser Belgium. At the 1924 summer Olympics in Paris, he has a fixed value. 1925 turns his seventh International out his last, i.e. Visser emigrate to United States.
The competition for top players
It was founded in the American Football League in 1921, the first American professional League. In February 1926 the Fisher emerges as players in the Bethlehem Steel. He had temporarily replaced striker Archie Stark and do it properly: four goals) in three matches. Strong, however, was the best player in the League, and scored 43 in the season. 1924-25 Strong had also set a world record with 67 League goals. Still no?? Lionel Messi is not even?? ever be able to break the record.
Visser is wise and will compete with the Strong do not. He leaves for Detroit Holley carburetor, a team from Detroit Professional League. Where he played until 1931. Of course, Fisher did not leave because of professional soccer in the United States. But because he was the first Dutchman to Bet hele home Steel money, makes him officially be the first Dutch professional football player. On December 3, 1984, at the age of 81 die Visser.

Gerrit Keizer, Arsenal

The Dutchman Gerrit Keizer should never have been in this line, if he had gone to England. But he had talent, eighteen-year-old emperor notched four League games for Ajax. The season after Ajax prefer Jan de Boer, who missed no contest. Keizer had a greengrocer and was for his work regularly in London. In 1930, he decided to even live there too, to improve his English. He logs on to football Margrate, a sort of branch of Arsenal. The famous arsenal manager Herbert Chapman sees Imperial goalie, and will take him to six pounds per week for his top team, 1930-1931 their first League title in this season will reap. The Flying Dutchman?? on weekends, he often flew back to Amsterdam for the matches in other team of Ajax? in the end, it proved to be too great a risk for Chapman. Sometimes hack he brilliant, the Emperor again made the stupidest mistake. After twelve League games?? where the Emperor never once managed to keep a clean sheet-Chapman put him out of the team. By the decision of the British Minister of labour was the Emperor again unpaid amateur.
Striking lifestyle
The keeper hack then for Charlton Athletic and Queens Park Rangers, but returned for the 1933-1934 season returned to Ajax. There it is then up to 1948 solid keeper. He also played two international matches in 1934, where he also got the pass again seven times. Emperor behaved striking off the field than most. So he settled after the war, Arsenal shirts for Ajax, so that they can still play in red and white. After an exhibition match in England sends his teammate Piet van Deyck probably an offer from Arsenal, on old letters that the goalie saved yet. He also smuggled British pounds to the Netherlands.After his football career, he was caught during a flight and he got six months in jail and a fine of sixty thousand guilders. The Emperor died in 1970, was a very successful greengrocer and 1955-1962 Director of Ajax.

Beb Bakhuys, Fc Metz

The third football player from the Netherlands was a major star. Elisa Henry Beb?? ?? Bakhuis first played football in the Hague HBS, where he was sixteen three months after the last championship the Club debuted in 1925. From 1927 ZAC Zwolle from his club and he took up the age of 19 Dutch national team. Football was important for the young miss such an opportunity, but he also worked on a social career. A graduate of Horticulture in his pocket he left for his native Netherlands East Indies, but failed. Back in Zwolle 1933 Bakhuis evolved into a very dangerous shooter, kopsterk and blessed with the hardest shot in the Netherlands. In five games in 1934 Bakhuis each scored two goals, but mainly in WORLD CUP against Switzerland, he remained dry.
Six hundred guilders per month in France
In 1937 believed VVV Venlo to be smart. They offered Bakhuis a cigar shop, if he would play football in Limburg. Bakhuis gasped, but the KNVB believed that this was a violation of his amateur status, the police had invaded his home and suspended him as a member. For the Bakhuis is actually a blessing in disguise. He then but football in the French League, for FC Metz, 22 thousand gulden as a character. In Northern France, he earned six hundred guilders a month. In the two seasons before the war, he played 40 League matches, scoring 15 times. During the war were used in Leipzig from Netherlands Bakhuis as instrument makers. In 1943 he can immigrate to France, he plays football, and immediately after the war another season for FC Metz. Later Backhuis work for CBR in Rijswijk, he dies on July 7, 1982

Gerrie Vreeken, Principality of Monaco

During the second world war, the Hague, ADO champions twice in a row, in 1942 and 1943. Gerrie Vreeken was a key player in the team. And he did in 1943, only twenty years old, the winning goal against Enschede in the championship match. In the middle of the war, he got the message that the Vreeken would need to go to Germany to work as a factory worker. Where he felt a bit, but hides it seemed to him especially dangerous. In addition, he wanted to continue playing. The solution was dubious: a member of the public employment service. According to Vreeken knew all of ADO and nothing was said about it until after the war gave rise to problems. Vreeken was seen as an NSB?? There, but that was not really true.Through his membership of the Labour Ministry, he was unable to vote in 10 years and he was interrupted by the ADO.
Flight?? ?? to France
Through a friend, he was able to do a test workout in AS the Principality of Monaco, who played in the French division. He played as a professional in 1946-1949, when six seasons to get out of the green yellow FC Nantes, also in the French division. Highlight of his career was the famous flood of 1953 in Paris, on behalf of the Dutch victims in Zealand. Vreeken came out in a team with other mainly in France plays Dutch and won 2-1 in the French national team. After her career in the sixties, even Vreeken back back in the Netherlands, but soon went back to France. Too many people regarded him in the Netherlands is still considered a traitor. Vreeken died in the town of Chatillon Coligny on February 28, 2013 90 years old and slightly bitter.

Faas Wilkes, Internazionale Milan

Faas Wilkes was perhaps Diego Maradona of his time. Not when it comes to physics? Wilkes was much more athletic and more?? but when it comes to style of play. Gracefully he passed one opponent after another, his conclusion was phenomenal. His number of 35 goals in 38 international matches were for Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Kluivert has never been to figure out when Wilkes was not nearly six years due to his professional status are exempted from the Dutch national team. And if he does not, because of the war solely as a 22-year-old could have made their debut. Wilkes played for Xerxes and supported herself as a mover. Shortly after the war, offered the MVV Maastricht Faas and his brother Leen two Bedford trucks as they play football in the South. The KNVB was again on top and threatened with a suspension of one year. The brothers remain in Rotterdam.
Superstar in Milan and Valencia
Just three years later, leaving Wilkes. To Italy, to Internazionale Milan. The Italian League withdrew at the end of the forties, almost every Dane, Swede and Argentine to a bit can play football and would fit the Wilkes case talent safely between. Italy was also truly a country for the elegant, beautiful, zwartgekuifde Wilkes. For 70,000 signing fee and an annual salary of 30,000 Wilkes scored 47 goals in 95 League games, three successful seasons. Champion was actually not the way, he was never in his impressive career. After a mediocre year for AC Torino Wilkes 1953 made the move to the Spanish League, which grew stronger with each year. Valencia was far less than Real Madrid or Barcelona, but always ended up at the second stage. Dribble King Wilkes lived here for 38 years and made big goals in 62 matches. At that time, the three major foreign players in Spain Alfredo di Stefano, Kubala and Luis Faas Wilkes. Then he returned to the Netherlands to VVV. Where Wilkes played football for two seasons, then another season in Spain with Levante. With three seasons Fortuna?? 54 he will leave the League.The rasvoetballer is already nearly 39 years, but football next two seasons in the second division.Wilkes dies of a heart attack in August 2006.


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