Heart Coherence Training

Your heart rate is in constant change. Emotional and physical processes that the interval between heartbeats a moment will be bigger than the second time. Pulse frequency is variable. The degree of coherence of the heart rate variability is called heart coherence. Used in…
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Most Effective Exercises for Belly

Buttocks, stomach and legs before many women is a problem area. While building a nice slim figure is a dense and flat stomach indispensable! The stomach is now the best and most effective? By training the abs regularly at home, without expensive equipment,…
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Compound Exercises for Arms

Well-developed shoulders contributes to an athletic, strong and beautiful body. The function of the shafts is extremely important because it is moving your arms from the shoulders. Every superhero has tremendous striking shoulders, this is your chance to give yourself an approach…
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Chess Boxing Sport

Train. Good for the body. But a mental exercise can also tempt you. These two obviously go together. Or do they? The Dutchman IEPE Rubingh combined his love of sports and mind games and came up with a new sport of chess boxing. In chess boxing…
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Basic Exercises Push-Ups

Push up is one of the most famous exercises for the muscles of the body. This article about these “oldies” explains how to perform this exercise perfectly so that you get the most benefit.

Paul Hunter Snooker Cancer

Paul Alan Hunter, who lost his battle with cancer, October 9, 2006 was a talented British professional snooker player. With her blonde hair and glamorous image he was known as the Beckham of snooker tables.

Formula 1 2015 Calendar

On 15 March, 2015, Formula 1 is started. This year is the biggest racing event in the world started in Australia.The final race will be held in Abu Dhabi. This year is a special year for the Netherlands and Formula 1 sport…
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Cyclocross Bredene 2012

On Saturday, december 29th, 2012 will take place in Flanders Bredene it?? Versluys Bouwgroep Cyclocross-Speedwell Paul Herygers?? place. In the past, the competition is known as “Cross Sylvester.

Ajax Eredivisie Champions

Times had changed. Amateur was the past. Today, they played soccer paid in Netherlands. It was the third time this season, played as a paid professional football player, but for the first time in a single race; the League. Was in the first class matches…
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All About Hockey Game

Hockey is a growing sport in the Netherlands. It has long been a sport for the elite in society, but it’s really changed in the meantime. Hockey is now open for all, and therefore all practiced. In this article, you can read all…
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Dutch Football Players Legends

Only after 1954 it became possible in the Netherlands to earn money playing football. Some did not wait and went abroad. Gerrit Visser, Gerrit Keizer, BEB BAKHUYS, Gerrie Vreken and Faas Wilkes were the first five, all with their own motives to…
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Dressage in Belgium

Dressage knows other attempts in Belgium than in the Netherlands. In Belgium they use the letters E, G and M to indicate the difficulty dressage test. An overview of the tests asked exercises in e. De E attempts are the best tests…
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