Do You Need Training Belt?

Weight lifting belt It serves to increase the stability of the middle area of the column to increase intra-abdominal pressure. If your level of weightlifting is only for physical conditioning and toning belt will serve as little.

Strength Training to Relieve Neck Pain

A new study showed that chronic trapezius, located behind the neck, muscle pain can relieve performing strength training weight of high intensity. Conversely, physical activity in general brings little benefit to these patients, reported Danish researchers.

For Working Back Leg Press of Thigh

Posterior musculature of the legs work, is important above all to establish a harmony with its antagonistic muscles, quadriceps. In many sports (running, cycling…) especially the anterior muscles are working and the rear is neglected, What can cause a muscle…
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Only Basic Exercises to Get Size?

One of the great myths (rather, two) are based on the following supposed principles: to achieve a good muscle size is necessary to work only with basic exercises (bench press, squats…) and free weights, since machines reduce the quality of…
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Vibrant Training

On several occasions we talked about the revolution that are assuming machines vibration in gyms and personal training and its origins (remember that it is the training that forced the astronauts given the obvious limitations of travel in space).

Tips for Spinning

The spinning is a sport that generates plenty of benefits, involving large number of muscles is a very complete activity because we work the aerobic system at the same time in certain exercises also We tonificamos arms and legs.

How to Choose Running Shoes

ll equipped level shoes? To avoid injury, it is important to choose running shoes that you are totally adapted. Indeed, choose the right running shoes are not always so simple. There are today a wide selection according to specific criteria, but should still be able…
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Olympic Games 2008 Judo Results

At the 2008 Olympic Games, a number of judokas favorite for a medal. Do ten Dutch judoka who will compete in the Olympic Games. These are: Edith Bosch, Dex Elmont, Guillaume Elmont, Dennis van der Geest, Deborah Gravenstijn, Henk Grol, Ruben Houkes,…
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