Carrancas: quiet and crystal clear water in mining lands

Those who arrive in the quiet town of Carrancas, located less than 100 km from the well-known and historic SãoJjoão del Rei, Tiradentes and Lavras, thinks that arrived in another among so many mining towns. the central square, the Church … the scenario seems familiar. No one expects, however, that on the outskirts of this southern city of mines it is possible to find more than 56 crystal clear waterfalls, cave paintings, nature trails and caves, as well as a rich cultural and religiousexpression.


Today Carrancas topping with one of the main mining towns with vocation for ecotourism. and the attention of visitors are the different options that the site offers with its natural attractions, ranging from swimming in crystal clear waters, short and long trails for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and even hang gliding. For hosting, you can stay in comfortable hotelsfarms, in hostels or in camping areas.

The origin of the name has nothing to do with the masks used in the Sterns of ships, in the North and northeast of the country. Due to the excavation of camp in the hills near the village, where they found two large stones which were shaped like two frowns, i.e. two ugly faces. Such serra was named Frowns and with time the town, founded in 1720, was renamed our Lady of Frowns, then Frowns, Scowls from Here and, finally, simply, Frowns.


The climate in Frowns is tropical of altitude, i.e. has summers and wet and winters cold and dry. The rains are more frequent between September and April. The best time to visit the city is between January and March when the waterfalls are more full and the water temperature is pleasant. Its vegetation is typical of the cerrado and Atlantic forest.


Check out a few options of screenplay and book at least three days of your trip to meet this little piece of paradise


Zilda complex – has waterfalls, Rapids, waterslides, caves, rock paintings, at last, a true paradise. Is located about 12 kilometers of Carrancas, where some springs of Capivari River. attractions: daZzilda Waterfall, Slide da Zilda, Racha da Zilda (a canyon where you can dive), waterfall, Cave da Zilda and inscriptions.


The complex Smokecomposed of four waterfalls, namely, the smoke, the smokefrom the top of the smoke and the bride’s Veil (this with a fall of 32 metres). However, there are more than ten other nearby waterfalls. the most visited are theWaterfalls of Luciano and da Serrinha, with its natural pools.


The complex Bridgelocated just 2 km from the town, the bridge is one of the most frequented places. Just above, in the stream of the waterfall is a Waterfall ofSolomon, a great option for those who want a little more quiet. Also in the stream waterfall, the mill Falls is a calm place, with light trail access.


Complex of Bicasswathed in lush native forest, the Cachoeira das Bicas impresses with its almost 70 meters fall. The high of Bicas, in the hills of the same name,has a gazebo where you can see several cities in the region. Your access is limited to be private property. Attractions: Waterfalls of Seawall, ounces, of Bicas (swallows), of free will, the Turkish, Curtain Cave, Cave of the Armadillo, Scones, Serra da Pedra Furada and Serra Grande, and Pit Hosanna.


Complex Grand Mogolwith about twenty wells and a lot of history, the waterfallof the same name located in the stream Grand Mogol, 15 kilometers from the city, in an old 17th century farm. Other attractions: pit of Canyon, Blue Lagoon, Jequitibá, waterfall Pond and waterfall of Solomon.


Vargem Grande complex are just 1.5 kilometre walk to swimming pools, showers and natural waterfalls. The suspension bridge it does sort of adventure to reach this waterfall. Access is by road to Minduri, 8 km of Frowns. Attractions: Esmeralda Pit, waterfall Vargem Grande and pit of Stones.


The complex Playsthe main attraction, the pit of Heart, are two natural swimming pools, one of them in the shape of a heart, rapids and a slide. It is located at 3km from the town, the road to Itutinga. The site also has a great diving well. Attractions: Slide the rings, Mount Tit, Cave of the Plays, the Heart and the Heart.
Frowns with Trails & Directions
An important accessory for those who will explore the various waterfalls of Carrancas is a backpack that has size versatile enough to be used in the daily walks. Agood suggestion is the Crampon 38, which has front pocket and bottom access, plus side pockets for water bottles and smaller barrigueira the little pocket for small things. Another good option for short walks is the Acqua, Fanny Pack light with support for two clutches of water and inside pocket for documents. Another alternative is the Crampon 15 backpack, perfect for short walks, mountain biking or climbing. has compartment for canteen with flexible and hydration hose clip and built-in raincoat.
Another interesting accessory to be taken is the Waterproof Pouch Coghlan‘s. Great for protecting documents, money, camera, maps, matches or any object thatshould stay away from the water. Made of resistant pvc, has unique system andclosings still comes with a nylon okay. Should not be used in scuba diving.
A good choice of clothing is the Sec Tec shirt, which is made in polyester and dries quickly after washing. Leaves no smell, is lightweight, compact and not crumple. Great to take to be used in hiking. To handle the unexpected winds, we suggest the windbreak Minuano, which is very light and compact and essential to always have in the back of the Pack.
For those who are going camping, a good option is the tent I Bivak aluminum. It accommodates a person comfortably, with your personal baggage, and has only1.7 kg. for two people the best alternative is Quota 2 tent, which weighs 3.3 kg. Igloo-shaped, your new model has two entries and frames marked with color system to facilitate mounting.
Useful tips
How to get therethose coming from belo horizonte, lavras, must take the br381 (about 295 km). Of São Paulo, it follows by the BR381 until Lavras (about 430km). And for those who come from Rio de Janeiro, BR040 to Barbacena, and then towards São João del Rey and Lavras (370 km).
Infrastructure in addition to an agency of Banco do Brazil and offices of Caixa Econômica Federal and Bradesco, there is also a hospital, clinic, detachment ofmilitary police.
Local guidesthe sights are between 2 and 17 km away. The monitoring by local guides facilitates access to and obtaining information about the scripts. In the town square (opposite the Church) there is the tabs.
Carnival in an early Carnival Masks, 15 days before the official date of the Carnival.
Roadsaccess to Masks are made by dirt roads, despite the good state of preservation, it is very important to drive with caution on those roads.
Private areas – almost all the waterfalls are in particular areas.
Minimum period to know the main attractions, are required a minimum of three days in the city.