Camping Explorer

Camping Explorer

Camping is an outdoor recreational activity, where you may stay a minimum of one night with your family in a bivouac, a tent, a caravan or a tent in a caravan.

In English, the word camping is actually a noun, while camping location are used in other words: campsite or campground. In addition, the Latin word campus means field. The camping sites are popular during summer around the sea, in the mountains, around lakes and rivers or at outdoor festivals. They are a good place for fishing, hunting or just a nature walk.

Waterproof Tent for 2 - 3 Persons

The site can be either a natural area, such as a forest, or on a campsite. In most countries it must be in a camping accommodation or another approved location with necessary gear. In most European countries, camping outside for planned facilities (Wild camping) is not allowed or permitted only under strict conditions. The exception is Sweden, where the law allows you to stay a single night.

Camping Tent Gear

Camping became popular at the beginning of the 20th century and has become a popular vacation and travel form. Overnight stays in camping grounds are usually cheaper than in hotels; the prices have converged in the coveted holiday destinations and comfortable services during the busy season.

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