Bridgestone Features a Bicycle Without Air on Wheels

The company launches a prototype of wheels that don’t need air chamber

Cycling fans know the unpleasant experience: a flat tire is always undesirable and, depending on the situation, it can complicate the path. So far, the way has been fixing the damage, but the Bridgestone tyre manufacturer may have put an end to the inconvenience of the flat tire definitely. The company has just announced a prototype wheel that does not need air chamber, without losing a ping in benefits, claims. The product will be placed on sale in 2019.

Bridgestone presented a technology named Air Free Concept, which dispenses the use of air as a support for bicycle wheel. The new wheel was developed by the Bridgestone Cycle unit and is based on a series of rims that support the weight of the vehicle and which were inspired by a prototype presented by the company in 2013, aiming to be used in the automotive industry. The main advantage of this technology is that it requires little maintenance on the part of the user, since it does not need to check the pressure and, as pointed out, eliminates the possibility of drilling.

The other advantage of Air Free is that the materials used are totally recyclable and the impact on the market will be such that, according to the manufacturer, we shall see in the future “a new generation of bikes”. The design of this new wheel allows the rims to absorb the terrain irregularities while maintaining the original structure, without the user need to worry about maintenance. The concept of Air Free can also be applied to different dimensions of wheels. As highlighted, if nothing goes wrong, we will see the first wheels on the market in two years. The wheels would arrive in time to debut at the Tokyo Olympics, which will be held in 2020; A proof of fire that could test your real performance and the advantages of your use.

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