Lauderdale-by-the-Sea has a charmingly peaceful atmosphere. Lauderdale-by-the-Sea is located just north of downtown Fort Lauderdale.


You can fly to either Miami or Fort Lauderdale’s own airport

There are many flight options to Fort Lauderdale. You can choose either Finnair’s direct flight to Miami or Norwegian’s alternative connection from Stockholm to Fort Lauderdale. The cheapest of these flights is available for less than 400 euros during special offers. Usually prices start at around 500-600 euros.

You can also fly to Miami as well as Fort Lauderdale, switching via several other cities in Europe and the United States. A possible flight can be significantly cheaper with a direct connection, especially during the busiest travel periods.

Hotels and villas

There are plenty of hotels of different levels and styles in the Fort Lauderdale area, but most of the higher quality can be reached sooner than budget hotels. Holiday homes and villas for rent are also available. Renting an apartment is a good option especially if you plan to spend several weeks in the heat of Florida. Hotel prices vary according to the time and level, but the proximity of a good hotel to the promenade can be obtained for as little as 80-90 euros per night, sometimes even cheaper. The best location for the hotel is close to the beach or Las Olas Boulevard.

Getting around Fort Lauderdale

The most convenient way to get around Fort Lauderdale is with a rental car. You can pick up your car directly from the airport as soon as you arrive or from the city center. A taxi is also an easy and reliable option, but it can be expensive. Public transportation in Fort Lauderdale does exist, as in the American way, but it is not a particularly viable option for commuting.

If you rent a car, you should note that parking is available almost everywhere for a fee. The location of the hotel is one of the deciding factors: Fort Lauderdale is a smart place to stay in a central location unless you want to spend your time walking in the heat or spending your money parking or taking a taxi.



There are strong currents on the beaches of Florida. If you get into the flow, don’t try to swim against it towards the beach, but try to get out of the flow sideways.

Beach life and sunbathing

In Fort Lauderdale, vacationing essentially involves enjoying the beaches and the sun. The long sandy beach is bordered by fine palm trees and the sand is fine and soft. All the actual tourist beaches are guarded and there are quite a few shops and services in the beach area.

On the shores of Fort Lauderdale, it is good to note that the seas are often intense and the waves can rise high. Follow the instructions on strong flow warning signs. For those vacationing with children, the best place for an actual swim may be the hotel’s pool area, but of course that doesn’t stop you from enjoying the sandy beaches in any other way.

Also remember to have a strong enough sunscreen, as toast is burning here and especially lighter skin types need a high coefficient for their sunscreen.

Bonnet House’s colorful artist’s home

Bonnet House’s lush flowering gardens and ornate halls can easily be spent for several hours. Bonnet House is a historic artist home built as early as 1920 by Frederic and Evelyn Bartlett. The halls of the personal house are full of art, murals and a wide variety of decorative objects. Some have been made by the residents themselves, some belong to the collection they have collected. Orchids and fruit trees bloom in the garden. Monkeys sway in the palm trees and even manatees move in the channel flowing around the yard.

Sawgrass Mills is Florida’s best shopping spot

Sawgrass Mills is the largest outlet center in all of Florida, with more than 350 brands from clothing and household goods to cosmetics and baby products. The Outlet is located in Sunrise, just a short drive from downtown Fort Lauderdale. The prices of the stores here are very competitive, and by taking advantage of special offers you can save a long penny. Prices at Sawgrass Mills stores are genuinely discounted and branded goods can easily be obtained for up to half price. The selection is so wide that it is worth booking at least half a day for a visit – you can easily wear it if you want to see everything possible.

Pink Birds at Flamingo Gardens

Want to see pink flamingos? Fort Lauderdale’s Flamingo Gardens is a large botanical garden that is also home to flamingos and many other local wildlife. The place is a great place to visit especially for those on holiday with children, but of course for anyone else as well. Flamingo Gardens is open every day of the year except Christmas and Thanksgiving.

At Sawgrass Recreation Park you can encounter alligators

If you want to explore Florida’s marshland and the great scenery of the Everglades Nature Park, visit Sawgrass Recreation Park. Excursions on the suites take you to the alligators’ residences in the middle of the swamp under the guidance of expert guides. Alligators rarely go unnoticed on these excursions, as they live in the area very much and the guides know their habits exactly. After a boat tour, you can explore the Sawgrass Recreation Park Zoo, which is home to injured or disabled alligators, snakes, turtles and other Florida animals brought here for treatment. The souvenir shop sells alligator goods in all their forms and here you can grab alligator sausage as a souvenir.

A canal cruise with the Queen of the Jungle

A canal cruise on the Jungle Queen is a family-friendly way to take a sightseeing tour of Fort Lauderdale. The city, divided by canals, appears to be most interesting when viewed from the waters. The historic river ship Jungle Queen has been carrying passengers since 1935. A cruise on this magnificent ship gives a feel to the atmosphere of old Florida. The dinner cruise lasts three hours, but you can also opt for an hour and a half afternoon cruise.