Hotels excavated in the cave are a specialty of Cappadocia.


Flying through Istanbul

The airport closest to Cappadocia is in Kayser, about 50 km away. There are no direct flights from Finland to Kayseri, but you can get there conveniently from Helsinki with one change of plane. A handy way is to travel from Finland to Kayseri via Istanbul, from where there are plenty of connections available. Flights are offered by Turkish Airlines, for example. Round- trip flights from Helsinki to Kayser cost about 300 euros.

From Kayseri Airport, you can conveniently continue by bus. The shuttle bus can be booked at the time of booking, almost all hotels offer a shuttle service to their customers.

You can also visit Cappadocia from other Turkish resorts. The journey from the coastal towns of the south is quite long and there are no direct flights, but for many, a visit to Cappadocia is well worth the effort. The drive from Antalya or Alanya , for example, takes about eight to nine hours and the scenery of the trip as you ascend the mountains is great. Cappadocia is a typical part of even larger Turkish tours and for many perhaps the most anticipated of the entire round stages.

Personal accommodation solutions available

Many tourists arriving in Cappadocia definitely want to stay at a cave hotel. There are plenty of hotels in the area, from luxury resorts to personal boutique hotels and simple accommodations.

The specialty of Cappadocia is the cave hotels, of which there are more than 400 in the area. Despite their specialty, cave hotels are not always expensive as they are available in many different price ranges. There are even cave hostels in Cappadocia whose dormitories have been dug into the rock.

Reservations for the most popular hotels should be made well in advance. The most lavish cave suites can cost up to a thousand euros a night and must be booked six months in advance.

Of course, you can find affordable accommodation in the area. Depending on the season, you can get overnight accommodation from small inns for about 20-30 euros.

Getting around Cappadocia

Cappadocia has comprehensive bus services to get from one destination to another. Also, car rental is a convenient way to see the area at your own pace.

The easiest way to get around Cappadocia is to hire a car and a guide, or alternatively take part in a sightseeing tour that gives you easy access to the area’s main attractions.



Göreme Open Air Museum is one of the most popular places to visit in Cappadocia.

The Göreme Open Air Museum is a must-see

The Göreme Open Air Museum is one of the most famous places to visit in the area and is a good place to start exploring the fascinating history of Cappadocia. Here you can see millennial stone-carved churches with original frescoes. The museum also offers a glimpse into history and the local lifestyle. Photographing frescoes is now strictly forbidden, as flashlights damage an already fragile paint surface.

The most supportive Keng is worth preparing for the Göreme Open Air Museum. There is a small café next to the museum and a long line of shopping stalls outside, so time is also spent sitting by the snacks or shopping.

In the nearby village of Göreme, chimney-shaped rock formations are often still inhabited, so just a walk through the village is a way to see the local life, where tradition and the modern world mix in a fascinating way.

Underground cities of Cappadocia

There are several underground cities in Cappadocia, good examples of which are Derinkuyu and Kaymakli. Underground, once functioning, multi-storey cities were built, where, among other things, Christians hid during the persecution.

There is no exact information about the first date of settlement, but underground cities are believed to have been alive as early as 4,000 years ago. The caves provided protection not only from enemies but also from the cold climate of Cappadocia in winter. Cappadocia is located in the highlands, which are sunny and warm in summer, but where the temperature drops to minus in winter and snow is often seen.

Pamper yourself in Ürgüp

Tourists looking for a little luxury for their holidays often head to Ürgüp, known for its stylish hotels and excellent food. The popular destination is in a great location for easy excursions to the rest of Cappadocia. After an active day in Ürgüp, you can relax with a spa treatment or a Turkish hammam .

See the Ihlara Valley with its churches

A hike to Ihlara Canyon introduces the diverse nature of Cappadocia and the peaceful way of life of the local village along the river. The canyon, which is about 14 kilometers long, is at best 120 meters deep at its best, so the handsome rock scenery is a very memorable sight.

A trip to Ihlara Canyon is definitely worth a visit, especially in summer. The river rippling next to the trail, the nightingales singing in the canyon and the lush landscape form a soothing whole. The route can be explored only from a short distance, as the stairs leading to the canyon can be reached from several points. You can also stop by the café in the canyon, as the atmospheric Turkish low tables and beautiful seating offer a truly relaxing moment right on the river.

The Ihlara Valley is especially known for its churches: there are more than 100 Byzantine churches in the canyon. Some churches have also been influenced by the Egyptian and Syrian building style.

Turn from one valley to another

The area of ​​Cappadocia is enormous and its hundreds of valleys each have their own look and feel and their own specialty and rock formations of their own. The most famous valleys are guided by English signs and are often also called by their English names.

The Pigeon Valley (Güverncinlik, Pigeon Valley) is populated by flocks of thousands of pigeons whose flight is charming to watch. The viewpoint of the valley is protected by trees decorated with evil eye symbols.

The landscape of the Red Valley (Kizilcukur, Red Valley), as its name implies, turns red every time the sun goes down. The neighboring valley Güllündere (Rose Valley), on the other hand, is pink in color.

The Valley of Love (Görkündere, Love Valley), on the other hand, may resemble something unsuitable for children.

It is easy to get around the valley by bike, car or even on horseback. The distances between the most famous destinations are short and the roads in the area are mostly in relatively good condition. Cycling is a particularly popular way to explore the valleys. A passing game can be rented on site.