Anyone Tea Says That You Can Not Do It. The Incredible Story of Arthur Boorman

Today we bring you another amazing story self-improvement. Arthur Boorman, a war paratrooper, gets run after 15 years without being able to walk without the aid of crutches and with the diagnosis of doctors that would never again walk without support material.

Another example of overcoming that shows that often the will of the people is that we get things that seemed impossible. The famous phrase from Will Smith to his son in the film In search of happiness, “Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something”, comes as the ring finger in this story.

After numerous doctors and yoga instructors say you that there was nothing to do with his case, Arthur Boorman got a yoga teacher to trust in him and they agreed to work together. With the back and ripped knees, and with more than 130 kg weight the task was not easy.

I had many physical limitations, but there was one thing that could be with all of them and that made him get up whenever he fell, the will and the desire to of one day being able to walk without crutches. Many days of work, many hours of sacrifice, falls, bumps, mistakes… but each stroke made him see that its objective was a little closer.

And it was so. After much effort and never give up Arthur Boorman lost 54 pounds in 10 months and achieved what many thought was impossible, run without the help of any material. With excellent physical shape this man gives us a lesson of self-improvement. If something we want and we have confidence in ourselves we have to fight to get it.

I leave the sentence which I have made reference throughout this article. One of the best phrases from the film, film in search of happiness.