A Woman Loses 50 Kg with Help of Wii Fit

Even though we all know that the Wii Fit You can help move more and burn some calories extra a day, many have thought with the exercises of the console, we have not sufficient to maintain or advance in the field of fitness and slimming.

However, a striking recent case comes to light. It’s Robert Lara, a 38 year old woman who lost 50 pounds with the help of the Wii Fit. Certainly for many the activity that the Wii Fit offers is insignificant but for others, sedentary lifestyle and obesity, the console can help burn calories and lose weight in time, if it is complemented by a balanced diet.

Lara Robert step weighing 114 kg over 60 kg in just one year, after deciding to change its excessive diet for a healthy and balanced diet and abandon the sedentary lifestyle for some physical activity.

She didn’t want to go to a gym or leave his house to work out, because he felt ashamed of her body. For this reason, he began to get up at 5 am every day to meet a daily hour of exercise with the Wii Fit.

Along with the change in its diet and the support of the family, Robert Lara could lose weight and leave behind the Obesity with the help of a video game that, as I have said before, much may not mean a real exercise, but for those who feel ashamed to show her body in a gym and are completely sedentary, it may represent a valuable aid to improve their habits of life.

After all, in addition to Lara with their health, Nintendo is a good gift, great advertising for this case be surprised which should motivate the population to show that changes are possible, if we really want it and strive for it.