A Fraternal Perrengue

A Fraternal Perrengue

A fraternal perrengueI think this is my sincerest definition for this fun adventure with my friends a few years ago.


We were about 20 people to face a kind of regularity race, organized by one of us.


You know the race of regularity? One in which, with the aid of a spreadsheet, we have come a way for various benchmarks using information such as distance and direction? This same!

The only “but (disclaimers, as we know, are always exciting!) is that the adventure would be performed on a bicycle.


The friend who organized it was us by car, while pedalávamos the roads of mudinside the Região dos Lagos, RIO DE JANEIRO. Upon arriving at our destination,we would spend the night camping.


The trip was tiring and under an intense sun, even so we had fun while we lost along the way: we asked help the friendly locals, so we meet again!


But the tiredness walks along with hunger, and we started looking for a place tohave lunch and replenish your energy. That’s how we found that lovely pension in San Vicente, immortalized in our memories, where we had lunch for about 3 hours, such hunger.


Finally, after many kilometers of cycling and many hills to climb, we reached our destination. And it was all worth it, because we were greeted by a beautiful landscape of the water’s edge with a Sun to set.



Quickly set up camp and then we headed to a more sheltered part, where we started the preparations for dinner. And just when it looked like our adventure wasover, we realized that actually I was just about to begin! What happened? Simple! While our delicious pasta would taking shape, we begin to feel splashes from the sky.


What do you mean? thought there was hardly any clouds earlier! . That’s when we realized the sky was as clean as well, and a dense cloud approached.
It was night, and concentrate on finishing the meal while the sky was starting tofall apart on the camp.


It rained a lot … Oh, how it rained! We look forward for a long time and, when the rain was weaker, we walked back to the encampment wary to see what was waiting for us.


I gave my first step and to lift the foot, my slippers stayed on the floor: had beenswallowed by muddy clay. The camp was completely flooded. And still it rained …


Already without the slippers (since the second also lost to lift the other foot!) I ran into my tent.
How was she?I thought. Hope springs eternal, really: my tent was one of those cheap, poor quality and, of course, was wrong. Very badly. To illustrate, practically there was a river running around inside her. As well, some of us didn’t havea place to sleep.




But fortunately, it is at these times that friendship shown stronger, and the homeless (like me) were welcomed in other tents to spend the night. This community spirit ended up in a Super Squirrel of Trails & directions. What a joy it was to sleep in dry, without water for mining inside the tent, even though the noise of theoutside world.


And at dawn we had a single fact: the rain only served to make this unique adventure for all of us, once we were awakened by a clearer sky framing a wonderfulSun! It was so surprising that not even we had to complain about, only to smileand celebrate the stories now had to tell!


Finally, hang all our wet clothes in a fence, so they could dry out a bit – in fact, Hung nearly everything we had, since almost nothing escaped water! We had our breakfast and we enjoyed some more the place before
end the trip.


And from there we brought only good stories and a friendship for life!
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