7 Counts in Instagram Pilates That You Cannot Miss

Do you like the body-mind disciplines? The Pilates It is ideal when it comes to complement a force or other sports such as swimming or career training. The benefits of the Pilates we can include our body posture improving, increasing our flexibility, improving our coordination and, above all, greater control over our own body.

You want to practice Pilates but still you have not decided to do so? If you are looking for a little motivation or if you want to see how different exercises are carried out, the 7 accounts Instagram about Pilates that you can not let go.

The best accounts of Pilates on Instagram

14 Apr, 2016 (s) 4:32 PDT

Start by my favorite Pilates in Instagram account. Sian Marshall is the owner of the Studio CORE in the United Kingdom, and his account of Instagram is everything beauty and elegance: photos and videos in black and white with a lot of exercises with and without material.

16 Oct 2015 to (s) 12:07 PDT

Another of my favorites, also black and white, but in this case from Istanbul. A lot machines work, but also with other tools that we can have more on hand as the fitball.

24 Dec, 2015 (s) 6:23 PST

Personal account of Amanda Christodoulou It combines exercises and movements of your Pilates classes with scenes of everyday life in Miami, achieving a perfect balance.

13 Apr, 2016 (s) 8:40 PDT

A Much more energetic Pilates of what we used (though remember that the own Josep Pilates classes also distilled much energy) combined with the recent hits that sound on the radio. Hand Cassey Ho, an simpatiquisima instructor who has managed to patent his own brand as a new discipline of fitness.

3-2016 (s) Apr 10:07 PDT

This Korean Pilates instructor teaches Instagram account through a number of exercises that you can perform machines, on the floor or with some attachments. Also amateur Pole Dancing and Yoga, your account is a great compendium of all these disciplines.

14 Apr, 2016 (s) 3:13 PDT

Reformer, barrel, fitball and even TRX are some of the tools and machines used by this Brazilian instructor training. Ideal for catch new ideas and implement them in our sessions.

29 Mar de 2016 (s) 5:38 PDT

Instructor of Pilates and Yoga Canadian who trains and burn their videos literally anywhere: at home, at the gym, on the terrace, with their children… anywhere is good for practicing Pilates!