Yoga + Pilates, Would Partner Winner?

Many times I have heard the question of “what I sign up? do Pilates or Yoga?”, and I always think the same thing: why? Both disciplines provide us benefits that are multiplied if we combine them together: they are not so different as it may seem at first sight, nor the Yogis and pilateros are in a kind of open warfare.

The question is why they choose to practice only a sport or an activity and set aside all other: do know the benefits that Pilates can offer you if you are a runner? or in the case that you do strength in the gym workouts? There is no why limit ourselves at the time of exercise or physical activity: combined disciplines can give very good results. East is case of Pilates and Yoga.

What you approach you? What makes it different them?

Both Pilates and Yoga are disciplines that help us to know more and better our body In addition to improving our relative strength (usually working with the own body weight, but Pilates can incorporate exercises with external resistor) and improve our flexibility and joint mobility.

Perhaps Pilates is more oriented to the muscle work: the strengthening of the muscles of the core or Center (internal and external, gluteal abdominal muscles, back muscles including the lower back, multifidos, pelvic floor muscle) is the basis of work of the Pilates method. Also a correct alignment prior to exercises and during are carried out, for which we need to know how our body at every move you make. In short: Pilates is intelligent and efficient movement, getting more and better spending less energy to it and preventing possible diseases and injuries.

Yoga, on the other hand, has a inescapable mental component, While some currents as the Tara Stiles advocate for a more physical than mental work. In the words of Susana Pascual, Professor of Hatha Yoga “up to Yoga with a more physical work continues to be an active meditation, a way of self-control through the physical work”. During the practice of Yoga we work mobilization of joints and the range of motion of the same, and at the same time improve our flexibility through exercises for beginners, suitable for all levels, to other more demanding, always in a progressive way.

Why choose one when you can stay with the two?

Combine different types of training is what can make easier the path to your goals, either health or aesthetic. Combining the sessions of Yoga and Pilates not only we will be able to improve our posture, our muscles work and have greater control of our body, but it can also improve other sports or activities we undertake.

Why left side activity for another if we can enjoy the benefits of both?