Xingu River Fishing

We are pleased to disclose matters of our partner Pablo Castro, big fisherman of Pará, which describes in detail the sport fishing made on the Xingu River in full time. Welcome, Pablo, we need partners like you, with sportsmanship and ecological awareness. Hugs, Vitor and Ailton.  For most fishermen, the period from November to may mean a bad fishing trip. Most of the time, she didn’t even happen, because it rains a lot, the rivers are full and the possibility to hook a beautiful Peacock bass, needlefish or Trairões is very remote. Those are some of the most prized sporting fish of Brazil and abundant in our region. Now, if the intention is to face the rains and the difficulties you may encounter with the large fish, such as Cacharas, Barbados, Pirararas and Jaús. During this period, prior to spawning (spawning), the fish come together, forming large schools and eat everything they see ahead, aiming to accumulate energy for mating, when no feed. So before you schedule your winter fishery, it is necessary to search for the bodies of the region in order to obtain more information about the spawning periods. That way, you respect the spawning period and contributes to the reproduction of the species. Armed with this information, you will have great opportunities to make an excellent fishery, whereas, at the time of the floods, the large fish struggle to hunt leather and become values easy. Despite the large amount of food in the rivers (like plants, fruits, and fish). With that, the most interesting points for the capture of these beautiful species (Pirararas, Cacharas and crevice nozzle) must be the closest points of river banks. Especially where it can have an edge. Or near some tributaries or mouth of creeks. For Barbados, Jaús, Pirararas and other species, depending on each region, are found in the river bed, near quarries or in backwaters where there are large concentrations of food. But, nothing is clear. On a fishing trip, nothing is predictable. Anything can happen.

The region of Sao Felix do Xingu is 370 km of Redemption, taking BP 279 in Xinguara towards St. Felix, city the riverbank where you can follow several routes. Provides great fishing, river of extraordinary beauty with its awe-inspiring waterfalls and several beaches along the river. Offers a very big satisfaction because, in addition to the endless variety of fish, still has great places to camp. Does not yet have specialized to meet this hostels tourist sector. But even so, one can enjoy beautiful landscapes and enjoy fishing as a whole. Good friends, beautiful River, amazing landscapes and the beautiful fish. To remember the beautiful sunset, at which time we must surrender to the natural beauty and know that each of us are responsible for a small part of this wonder. And aware of the responsibility to fight the criminal acts against the environment. Only through ecological awareness, we will have the possibility to continue enjoying this sport we love so much. We must combat the acts of non-compliance with nature. We know that we must teach our children what we learn from our parents. And it’s so satisfying to transmit this knowledge to them in a boat on the river. Or in a rut on a beach … no matter the location, it is very pleasurable! Even with the satisfaction we can teach them fishing techniques, the tricks we learned throughout life, the key is to allow the Group coexistence. Always respecting to the next and to nature. Learn to know our limits and responsibilities. A good fisherman this besides the one that picks up large quantities of fish. A good fisherman’s Companion, friend, simple. Is one that is your side to defend it and help you if necessary. A good fisherman is one who knows how to give value to the simplest things in life, taking every moment of the fishery great happiness and knowledge.

Arsenal strengthened

One of the most important and least remembered in a fishery are the necessary equipment. This is due to lack of knowledge, convenience, or the values of the good equipment often very salty, etc. It is worth remembering that, in time, in time to take the fine specimen, not enough knowledge or technique. It is also important to have a reliable equipment for arm wrestling with the fish. There are various options on the market. Taking into account the constant change in such equipment, starting with the hooks every day more thin and tough. The lines, following the same pattern, and the expertise to each mode. We can mention some of the equipment for this mode specifically. Fishing equipment for fish in the internetiest. The spool of line capacity, as the ow mariner 750, calcutta 700 from shimano etc, because with the violence of the races, they can take enough line mainly the Pirararas and large cacharas. The brake must be arrochado and the resistance is on the line with multifilament rude leader to resist abrasion along the rocks. The rod must have double cable super-tough and long with the purpose of support in both hands and in the Rod holder, belt or even under the arm.
Stick-6 ‘ 6 “(2 m) to line up 50 pounds | Line-multifilament 60 to 80 lb with monofilament leader 1 to 1, 6 mm. For the flat fish, use 0, 8 mm monofilament, | Hooks – 7/0 to 10/0 with 30 sinkers to 500gr (flat fish) Use preferably the monofilament lines in the case of rivers of Rapids, as the vibration causing, multifilament which decreases productivity. The differences are in the choice of baits. In fish, the choices come in natural (pieces of fish, live bait and worms) and heavy sinkers to keep them at the bottom. Considering a specific equipment for barbados and wide mouth and other smaller companies, we can use a 15 to 30 Lb double cable, fast action and 6 6 ´ ´ ´ in length, the reels or moniletes must compose at least 100 MTS away 30 Lb line (0, 40 mm) and must be resistant to coat and of lesser elasticity possible for fishing in General , it is recommended that you use a medium-heavy stuff. It is formed by 20 to 40 Lb sticks of double cable, fast action and ´ 6 6 7 0 ´ ´ or ´ ´ ´ in length, with reels or reels supplied with 100 to 120 m of line 50 Lb (0.50 or 0.55 mm) resistant to abrasion and low elasticity, already in a heavier fishing option right specifies the big catfish, can use reels or moniletes with a capacity of 100 to 120 metres of line 100-pound (0.80 to 0, 90 mm) with low elasticity and resistance to abrasion and the 80 Lb 50 sticks of double cable, armed with this success will be guaranteed in your fishing trip, remember that the higher the equipment more difficult it will be for the fisherman because space and weight in a fishery that can last for hours and hours makes a difference, so it is important to know in advance what the feature of fishing in the region in a given time of year , so you can balance your material in the best possible way, bringing with it comfort, safety and satisfaction in the fishery.
Fishing structure
Arriving in San Felix, you can hire boats if your option is to explore more distant areas. Are reliable which allow boats to explore more distant areas of the city. Are boats with a capacity between 3:15 T with experienced guides, ensuring a safe and reliable. And providing a beautiful fishing during this period where few risk.
It is important to inform the authorities about the limits intended for fishing. Because there are indigenous reserves where fishing is prohibited. Author of the text: Pablo de Castro, partner and friend of the Fishing Guides site.