World Cup Qualifiers Croatia vs Belgium

Qualifying matches for the 2014 World Cup began. All participating countries are trying, by winning the qualifiers, to qualify for participation in Brazil.Belgium plays in connection with WORLD CUP qualification for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, on October 11, 2013 suggest a qualifying match against Croatia. When the Belgium national team, known as the Red Devils managed to win the Croats, then surely Belgium World Cup qualifier.Even when the game is decided by a draw, Belgium in June 2013 to travel to Brazil. When successful, Belgium for the 2014 World Cup, where Belgium will for the first time since the 2002 World Cup again in a European Championship or WORLD CUP.

Belgium will play against Croatia in Zagreb

WORLD CUP 2014 in Brazil

The 20th Edition of the World Cup, from June 12-July 13, 2014 will be held in Brazil. It is after the 1950 FIFA World Cup, the second time the tournament will be held in Brazil. The host country was Brazil itself, in the history of the WORLD CUP, five times world champion.

World Cup qualifier

All countries participating in the 2014 World Cup will be assigned by lottery to a group. The draw took place on July 30, 2011. The draw for group rating of the 2014 World Cup took place in the World Cup Qualifiers.
Swimming Pool (A)
This tie was Belgium, also known as the Red Devils, classified in group a. Group A comprises in addition to Belgium, from five participating countries.

Over qualifier

Series World Cup qualifier from Group A was started for the Red Devils duel with Wales?? Belgium. This qualifier was played on 7 september 2012. This first game, on the way to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, was won by Belgium 0-2. After this opening game was followed by Belgium for a very good set of qualifiers. By played qualifier Belgians lost any match. It was only against the Croats, through a draw point loss. Due to the large number of points, which is obtained from the played qualifying matches, Belgium in Pool a secure top. The Belgians are still a score card to participate in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. When Belgium on 11 October, 2013 to win the Croats or the game with a draw can determine, when the Red Devils pretty sure to take part in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Croatia-Belgium 11 OCTOBER 2013

For matchday 10 in WORLD CUP qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the Red Devils must travel to Zagreb. Zagreb is the capital of Croatia. In Zagreb, Croatia games?? Belgium played. In this game, the number 1 and 2 Pools A must compete against each other.
The kickoff of the match Croatia-Belgium will take place Friday, October 11, 2013 at 18:00. The time the competition begins, the International Football Federation FIFA affiliated to the Royal Belgian football association. In the days before this decision was lots of speculation about the beginning of the match against Croatia. Fans of the Red Devils advocate leaving the kickoff. This is because the fans had already booked a flight. A flight that fans would not leave in time at the airport land. The consequence of this is that the fans can’t get in good time in the stadium. The match against Croatia because it originally was scheduled for 20:45. The Belgian coach Wilmots is pleased to kick-off at 18:00. This makes it possible for the Belgian national team to fly back that night to Belgium. Thereby prepares for World Cup qualifier against Wales could run better. The match against Wales is scheduled for October 15, 2013.

Statistics Belgium-Croatia

The football teams from Belgium and Croatia, before the duel on October 11, 2013 six times stood against each other. The first match between Belgians and Croats was a qualifying match for the 2002 World Cup. The contest was held in Brussels on 2 september 2000. The final confrontation was a qualifier for the World Cup 2014. The match ended in a draw 1-1. In total, the Croatians managed to win three games. The Belgians managed only one victory. In addition, a duel between Belgium and Croatia also stopped twice in a draw.

Update October 11, 2013

Belgium finally managed to win 2-1 against Croatia. Team coach Marc Wilmots therefore definitively placed for the World Cup in Brazil.