Women’s Role in Fisheries

It’s not often we find articles in magazines from fly fishing, reporting fisheries on women. It’s not sexism or prejudice of men, the fact is that the number of women in fisheries (with the exception of fish-and-pay) is still small, although I know several women who are excellent fishers and dominate the equipment (and the fish) with mastery.

Maybe even by misinformation, women are still having a wrong idea of how a sports fishery, one of the many comfortable fishing destinations that exist in Insurancejust. Still thinking that the fishing is uncomfortable, that the rivers are dangerous, that has mosquito way too much, and that the hosting sites are mere fishing ranches.

Those fishers who really like to fish and if you inform about the targets, can make fishing memorable. See some pictures and fish caught by fisherman and lawyer Dr. Ursulina, our friend Su, who went fishing with her husband Lucílio (who is also a veteran fisherman and today President of the Caiçara Fishing Club) at the Inn Thaimaçu jump, and showed your technique and mastery, biting Peacock bass, pirararas, dogs, pacus and other fish.

Women, come to fish. You be surprised with the wonders of nature, the comfort of the accommodation, and the beautiful fish that can be caught.