Winter Camping Tour (3)

Northern lights and a moose

Last night we spent close to a number of cottages (Ladtjoluspekåtan). It was the coldest of the nine nights, at least -21 degrees. Anders had problems with the cold in their sleeping mats, one of which was an inflatable and the other a Thermarest foam (their great model, bought in the USA). I had double foam backing from the auto parts store (with dimensions 190x60x1 cm) and slept like a prince. Costs 129: – SEK / each.Sometimes quality cheap.

When we arrived at our tent had a moose caught before. It looked lazy and seemed not to care about us. It stayed there until we went to bed.

At night we had the Northern Lights. Anders was up and photographed for an hour while I slept my beauty sleep. Photo: Anders Gudmundsson.

In the morning, the elk there, now even closer to our tents. Anders had got the impression that it had injured a front leg. I then contacted the County Board about the matter but the officer could not get hold of.

Anders pack sled. Kebnekaise peaks in the background, to the right of him.

The last day we only had four miles left to Nikkaluokta. Now it felt like spring was on the way. But after our experience of the weather, of course, we dared not guess what would happen now over Easter. It happens strange things with the weather these days, and it also found a reindeer herder who we met.