Winter Camping Tour (2)

Up in the mountains

The next day, the snow was just as rotten and klabbig as the day before.We were tired after no time at all, and we had given up on this part of the journey if we ended up on a snowmobile trail that led upward. So we took us up on the south / west side of Čievrragorsa the four hundred meters that was left.

Klabbet followed us all the way up in the mountains. Long moments we had several kilos of snow under your skis and each drained us of energy.We were once close to giving up the whole company and began to seriously doubt that there were some real zero temperatures remain in Lapland.

We then went on fairly flat land for a while and camped in moderate wind when we reached the highest level.

The next day we passed renvaktarstugan higher in Čievrragorsa (cottage seen on the map below).

After renvaktarstugen we had a few rain showers and then thaw (what else?). The sun came out so it looks nice in the picture above. Half an hour later, Anders held both gloves to blow away. And after another while the wind took one of my hats. It disappeared over the expanse, and I saw it no more.

The wind gradually increased when we put up the tent and we had from that moment four storm nights on the red X on the map. With degrees to begin with. (Because the storm is depicted in a separate article I do not write anything about this.)

The retreat from the tree line

After bad weather days we had not really anything more to do in the mountains, the time would not have been enough to go around Kebnekaise. We headed towards Kebnekaise and thought camping in the woods. It was thick, hard crust and basically the wind. We kept a good pace, passed the cottage and changed course so that we came across Dárfalláhku. Then we down, three-, four hundred meters of altitude, until we came down in the woods.

It was uncomfortable on the icy crust, and normal skiing with V pledged skiing became very tiring in the long run (we’re not very well trained when it comes to skiing). So we got other ways to slow the momentum and take us down.

We stared at the valley Láddjuvággi and marveled. So little snow it was!Vast areas were virtually snow-free. We suspected that the days with temperatures above freezing in the wind had melted the snow just like our snömur. This, we were confirmed the next day at the mountain station.

Day trip to Kebnekaise

It was 2½ km through the forest to the mountain station. We had days left so a visit there could be interesting. And then go a bit further, the Singi huts. At the station, we got some information and enjoyed the first indoor stay of one week. Then we set out again in the groove.

Above: Here the snow took over. Farther towards Singi than this, we did not. But the next day we were told by a reindeer that it was not as bad until Singi, only the first two kilometers.

Lunch break near the snowmobile track.

We spent the night another night in the woods and then began the trek back to Nikkaluokta. The mountain to the right with snowfields in the round bowl on top is Duolbagorni.

Snowmobile track was hard-packed snow and it had not melted the snow as much as the next. Specifically Nikkaluokta walked the track on floods and lakes and was very icy. We discovered that almost everyone went scooter taxi to the mountain station and very few went skiing. We met eight people on skis if I remember correctly. None of them were from Sweden.