Why Fishing is Good for You

Only if talks in crisis.
But, be careful!
Remember that “crisis” is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
This means that the more we believe that the crisis is there, it’s serious, that is “the big one”, the more we create the conditions for it to actually come into existence. At the time of “crisis” we must have a historical view. Without doubt, the moment is difficulties. But we’ve had worse crises. We had financial asset forfeiture, 80% monthly inflation, absence of democratic institutions, media censored, etc, etc. Surely this is not the biggest crisis. And you won’t be the last.
Now is the time to look at the crisis as the Chinese where the character that represents the word “crisis” is the same that represents the word “opportunity”. And there is no greater wisdom than that.
Every crisis has in itself the seed of a great opportunity. Only can germinate the seed who has eyes to see the opportunity in the crisis. Few have been able to perceive and experience the wisdom and serenity necessary to see that few see.
Between you too. For greater than is the your personal, professional or business difficulty right now, look to see which opportunities are “hidden” in this crisis. What you can do to circumvent this crisis and score the goal of your life. Remember that many companies won for having discovered new products and services, exactly when those who had until then became unviable due to some crisis that seemed to be the end of everything. Just read the history of successful people and successful companies and you will find exactly this reality. Just talk with successful entrepreneurs and they will tell you the same story.
So, rather than leave taken by discouragement, despair, the disbelief, now is the time to think, Overthinking, question and believe in your ability to win this challenge.
Think about it. Even if you can get out for a fishing trip with native baits, I’m sure it will feel good to take back your life with all my strength.
Good Week. Success!