Where to Fish Predators in France

A predator, this freshwater fish, continues to fascinate the fishing enthusiasts, beginners and experts. Its size is impressive, and his fight is very muscular.The sensations are so in the head-to-head with the catfish, Zander, carp and Pike.

Full fishing, fishing equipment specialist, offers places to go fishing of predators in France but also abroad.

Where to fish predators in France

The open sea

A magnificent body of water that measures approximately 150 hectares, the open ocean is located in Meyzieu in the northeastern part of Lyon. It is a fishing spot known as best spot for Pike in France. The water is clean and clear and the place is windless but the use of the boat is imperative.

Miribel-Jonage park

Located in the Lyon region, the Miribel-Jonage Park is a great place for fishing of perch and Pike, but the boat is essential. In the blue waters, prefer large Vernes. On the forest Lake, Pike are very numerous but small.

The Dam Of Paris

A corner for pike fishing, poles and the shopareview.com, the dam of Paris is located in the Department of the Loire. It is full of predators, but small. Prefer the right bank to the center of the dam. The left bank as she is very busy but the fishing is possible until 10:00 in the morning or in the evening.

Gilbert combe

A small water 1.75 hectares, located in the South of the Department of Rhône, the Gilbert combe is the perfect destination for fishing for Zander and poles but Pike is very rare. The downside is that, during the summer, the noise of the pumps used for agriculture can be embarrassing.

The Dam Of The Eagle

The dam of the Eagle is located in the region of Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes (right bank) and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (left bank). It’s a great destination for Zander, poles and a few pike fishing. You can fish from the edge, but it is difficult to access. Prefer the boat then in this place.