Where to Buy Trekking Sandals

Trekking Sandal

Trekking Sandals – airy companion for outdoor adventure

In the summer months, it makes very much fun, to discover the nature. Sturdy footwear is a good investment. Walking shoes give firm hold and protect the foot from the elements. Deciding this for model with mesh inserts, feet of less quickly come in sweating. Temperatures are raised the 30-degree mark, however it will also warm in closed shoes. Trekking shoes are a good alternative in this case. They combine the airiness of traditional sandals with the comfort of hiking boots. One of the many reasons they have long since found their way from rural hiking paths in urban everyday life. So are the Sandals for running intensive sightseeing and city trips. Zipcodesexplorer offers a wide range of trekking sandals for men, women and children – from renowned brands such as Teva, Salomon, and McKinley.

The benefits of trekking sandals

Trekking Sandals provide similar benefits as closed-toe shoes on the sole. They have a thick and sturdy sole is marked by a deep profile and provides an exceptionally good for sandals grip on different surfaces. The surface of the sole allows also on wet floors, good grip. So, even summer rain can not diminish the pleasure of outdoor. Adjustable strap made of leather or synthetic materials do not constrict long wear even over and provide a pleasant and at the same time fixed seat.


With belts made of synthetic fabrics such as polyester, trekking sandals also convince with their resistance to water. Must be crossed on the way a stream or a summery beach walk is planned, they are the ideal footwear. Due to the hydrophobic properties they do not absorb, so that it can keep its light weight and do not restrict the movement. But even sandals with leather straps offer advantages. Were they impregnated sufficiently, they are also water repellent. The trekking shoes with leather straps are good, they have especially high wearing comfort at the same time long durability.

The capabilities of trekking sandals should be overestimated but not recklessly. Demanding trekking tours should be even with summer temperatures still accessible to stout footwear.

Trekking Sandals

There are these variants

Trekking sandals is not equal to trekking sandals. It can be distinguished between different versions that are suitable for different projects. Sturdy trekking sandals closed hiking boots are similar in construction, are in contrast to those in the rear and the side of slots for ventilation. Because they have a shock absorbing sole and a distinctive profile, they are suitable also for rocky terrain.


The Sandals variant, which is probably the most general is a lockable with Velcro model with cross-belt. It offers more freedom to the feet and is due to the low weight and the small packing size ideal for travel luggage. The profiled sole provides comfort during long walks. The underground because of the limited protection assets should not be however too demanding.


Trekking Sandals buy at Zipcodesexplorer

Which model is – also searched Zipcodesexplorer offers a wide range of trekking Sandals for men, women and children. Simply order your desired model and can easily go home, send it. Alternatively you have the possibility to pick up your order in a Zipcodesexplorer branch of your choice – of course free of charge. Make like summer outdoor trips and also find the appropriate clothing in addition to trekking shoes? Take a look at the functional zip-off pants, as well as the shirts and blouses of our outdoor range.