Where is the Best Peacock Bass Fishing

We went in search of tucunas in this city South-mato-grossense and captured more than two hundred of them, in addition to an unexpected visitor

The Paraná River, affectionately nicknamed the big Paraná, has always been a river that lived in the hearts of fishermen, both for being impressive, beautiful, with kilometres of Rapids, film as for being extremely full of fish, being the location chosen by large fish to live, among them the great gold and surubins is monitored via implanted, pursued by any practitioner of the noble art. Main trainer Silver basin, the Paraná River can be considered the eighth longest river on Earth’s surface, with 4,880 km from your source in the downstream of the rivers Grande and Paranaíba, until your mouth with the Río de la Plata in Buenos Aires.

Unfortunately (looking at environmental side of it), due to the great economic growth of Brazil and South America, found himself on the Paraná River a great potential for power generation, since your relief with enough slope and water make it excellent for the construction of hydropower plants. In total were built in your bed five dams, one on the border between Argentina and Paraguay (Yaciretá), on the border between Brazil and Paraguay (Itaipu) and other three doing border between the States of Mato Grosso do Sul, and São Paulo (Porto Primavera, Ilha Solteira and Jupiá). These plants have condemned the reproduction of many spawning fish, since now there is no more as they finish your cycle, because of the dams. On the other hand, some fish that existed in your bed now appeared, because the artificial lakes that have formed with the construction of the plants have created the perfect setting for the proliferation of some species, among them the Peacock bass. With the exception of the Lake of Yaciretá in Argentine and Paraguayan territory, all the others are in its waters some species of Peacock bass that have bustling sport fishing in the regions. Among the main species, those that appear with high incidence are the Blues and yellows, with blue in the dams of Porto Primavera, Ilha Solteira and Jupiá can achieve your maximum size, overtaking the House of 5 kg, attracting fishermen from the whole Brazil. In 227 fisheries & Company Edition you can see in full as was the fishing of Alexander Dick. Check out!