What Will Me Better: Pilates or Yoga?

This is the million-dollar question that I have made many times: What will me better: Pilates or Yoga? Well, it depends on what are your cpnseguir goals and what are your priorities. Do you know what are the main differences between these two sports?

If we were to meet with one of the two disciplines, What would choose: Pilates or Yoga? From HowStuffWorks give you some guidelines so that you can see what makes each of these methods of work more emphasis and you can choose which has greater benefits for you.

Pilates, much more oriented to physical work

If you’re looking for a toned body, then the Pilates is it yours. Highlights, face Yoga, in the greater involvement of muscle strength, always working without hypertrophy. The muscles of the core or central part of the body are more benefits by working with Pilates.

If you are inside a dynamic weight loss, Pilates can help you through the construction of more muscle mass, which results in a faster metabolism, and thus one higher throughout the day burning calories.

In addition, work through the Pilates method is very energizing: it activates our body, promotes the production of endorphins and fills us with strength and energy for the daily challenges.

Yoga: in search of peace of mind

Yoga is based on the Union of mind and body as a single entity: meditation and inner peace is a basic to the hpra practice this discipline.

Perhaps what most characterizes the Yoga is that it is of a lifestyle rather than a sport: Yogis make a journey of self-discovery and self-fulfillment in which, of course, included exercise, since they give much importance to the care of the body.

The practice of Yoga encourages relaxation, Since it releases energy in their static poses. Helps us to reset our body and detoxify it.

What do Yoga and Pilates have in common?

Yes, but after reading this post you may seem to be two opposing disciplines, Pilates and Yoga have many points in common.

Both practices are based on the breath control, Although by different in each of them (diaphragmatic for Yoga, and intercostal) of the Pilates. The two also give great importance to the postural correction and to the elongation of muscles and, especially, the back.

Both Pilates and Yoga helps us to improve our flexibility and our balance, and through his practice, we will notice improvements in the sexual field, in control of stress, and at bedtime.

Now that you know the similarities and differences of these two disciplines, would you stay with sual: Yoga or Pilates?