What We Do Evil to Our Abdominal Exercise?

The abdominal muscles is a part of our body that head when train it always brings, and it’s one of the more complex areas due to the amount of muscles that contains and our constant pulse with the accumulation of fat in this area.

Many of us fight every day to keep this area in perfect condition, although in many cases the results are not as we wish or barely noticeable effort to improve. We are surely doing things wrong, and as much as we kill exercise the abdominal muscles fail to mark them. To do this we must know what we are doing wrong and how to fix it.

The first thing we must know is that in a month we have more or less to start to notice the results, if this does not occur is because something we are doing wrong when it comes to training. It’s important time for abdominal exercises. They are muscles the same as the rest can not be in any way, but that it is important to concentrate on the muscle group that we are exercising to get greater results.

Running the abdominal muscles is important. In the majority of cases we we not backing with the abdomen, but we do it with the neck or lower back pain. For this, it is important to concentrate on the area worked, not put your hands behind the neck because we propulsaremos us with the neck. The posture of your body should be straight, because only that should move are our abdominal having to lift the dead weight of our body. This can be achieved by looking up more or less keeping Chin chest separated by a distance of a fist.

To all this we must add that It is not advisable to make meaningless repetitions. The abdominal muscles are muscles like any other which become worn and weary. Many repetitions mean that no we are performing well exercise, because we are helping us with other muscles without properly exercising the abdominals. The ideal is to make 20 repetitions by series.

Another way to exercise the abdominal muscles is through the contraction of the area for one to two seconds and rest and so on. We should note that the muscles contract and we are therefore working them. It is imperative to not try to exercise beyond our means, because we are already using other muscles that don’t do us any favors, but deceive us.

Another point on which we do not usually repair is the importance of the aerobic exercise and diet. It is important to remove grease accumulated in the abdomen, as this tends to be an area in which our body deposited their reserves. This is why we have to toggle a day of exercise muscle in the abdomen with a aerobic workout. Like the diet that must be low in fat, avoid oils, fatty meats, sweets, and the intake of alcohol and carbonated drinks with sugars, as they are a calorie bomb empty.