What The Science Says about The Pilates and Its Benefits

Pilates is one of the activities that has marked trend and currently retains its popularity, therefore today we enter the world of the Science to show you all what the Pilates can do for your body and the benefits it offers to the Agency.

What says science about the Pilates ES:

  • Research evaluated 47 people during 6 months, shows that the practice of Pilates on a regular basis carries a increase of the flexibility, without bringing about significant changes of body composition.
  • In a study conducted with children 11 years of age, found that after 5 hours of Pilates for 4 months, the body mass index decreased considerably. In addition, the Pilates was perceived as a moderate effort (with 6 points on a scale of 10), which enjoys significantly (with 4.4 points on a scale of 5).
  • Found in adult women who, although weight and body composition does not vary significantly, increases muscle strength in the abdomen and lower back with the practice of Pilates, as well as the muscular endurance and flexibility of the trunk. The data are revealed in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies.
  • An analysis of several studies about Pilates, shows that its practice is useful to relieve back pain and control the symptoms of chronic non-specific low back pain, so it is an activity that can be helpful for treatment of rehabilitation.
  • In a study published in Women & Health, it was observed that healthy adult women who practiced two one-hour Pilates sessions each week had better perception of your physical appearance and your health After 6 months of your workout.
  • Finally, we cannot fail to show what the science says about of the mental and emotional benefits the Pilates, since his practice favors attention and correlates positively with other measures of mental well-being such as less perceived stress, better state of mood and others.

After analyzing what it says about the Pilates science and its benefits, We can conclude that the regular and prolonged practice of this activity is large and positive physical and mental effects.

Although have not been major changes in weight and body fat, it is known that the Pilates It improves flexibility, increases the strength in the middle of the body and helps us to see us and feel better with ourselves.

For all these reasons even today the Pilates triumphs among many other activities and you no can let try it if you want to enjoy the benefits before such.