What is the Best Outdoor Sleeping Bag

To make choosing your sleeping bag a little easier, we have grouped a number of things you should consider when looking for a sleeping bag for your person and your needs.

Johan Skullman our outside expert and product specialist gives his top tips on choosing a sleeping bag.


The basic rule is to prepare for the cold. So choose a bag having temperature characteristics that exceed the minimum you expect. You can always open the zippers and ventilate your bag if you get too hot. To camp in the summer, find a sleeping bag designed for a temperature of about 5 ° C. For spring and fall, you need a sleeping bag designed for -10 ° C. In winter, you need one to temperatures around -20 ° C. You will find in our range of sleeping bags for all seasons.

Total weight

What weight would you like to wear? It is possible that you find a cheaper bag that ours for your hike, but its weight unnecessarily weigh down your backpack. The down sleeping bags are usually lighter than synthetic padding bags.

Bag Size when compressed

Even if the sleeping bag is light, you should keep looking if bulky. The space is a scarce resource you need. A down sleeping bag is usually compressed to approximately half the size of comparable synthetic bag.

Overall Size

Check cotton flannel sleeping bag sleeping bags for normal longwall. Find one that suits you best.

Type d’isolation

Down or synthetic padding as the Supreme Microloft? It is your responsibility to analyze the benefits of each other. A sleeping bag weighs less and compresses more. A synthetic sleeping bag is more resistant to moisture and easy to clean.