What Is Pilates? Pilates Is This!

Which I’ll reading already know that I am a strong advocate of the Pilates method and apply its principles in all types of training. The benefits of us are many and is a method of safe and effective work in the hands of professionals.

Although currently the Pilates is a well known practice for the public in general, I still find people who, due to lack of information, does not know of what this discipline or is erroneously associated with women with a certain age group classes. Today I bring you this video so go banishing those poorly constructed stereotypes. Want to know what is Pilates? Pilates is this!

The Pilates, far from being only stretches to the female audience, is one discipline of force: the core or central area of our body is to a greater or lesser extent in constant activation. Of our Center or Powerhouse It is where all the strength to perform body movements part.

Working with the Pilates method also requires a great body control, great precision and postural correction: starting from a good alignment, activate the necessary muscles in each case and do so accurately and correctly requires a great awareness of our body.

The concentration, being the mind that guide the entire movement, and the breath control, that helps us to take it out or sometimes makes it more difficult, they are vital for the proper execution.

Pilates is, in short, a Science of motion: as you can see in the video, both athletes are in constant movement, linking smoothly with other exercises.

And so, one by one, have been passed down by all the basic principles of the Pilates method, where all this discipline training session must be based. All of them are present in the video that accompanies the post, and the result is in sight.

Whether in soil, with implements, machines or suspended, the Pilates method is a good choice to insert in your workouts.