Waterproof Sleeping Bag for Homeless

Ireland-A 15-year-old girl from Limerick, Ireland, invented a lightweight, waterproof sleeping bag for homeless people. Presented at a show dedicated to young scientists in 2015, his project was developed and is now present on the streets of Dublin.

The idea came to her when she was raising money for a homeless shelter. Emily Duffy, a 15-year-old girl from Limerick, Ireland, had the ingenious idea of ​​creating a sleeping bag as practical as possible for homeless people. “I wanted a bag that solves some problems encountered with conventional sleeping bag,” said the girl to the Irish Times. The paper reports that Emily Duffy “replaced the fabric, which becomes wet when it rains, with metallic bubble wrap.”

The material is lightweight, waterproof and packed with air bubbles, concentrating heat through the bag. A fire-resistant coating was also added to the metal envelope of the bag that made its first appearance in 2015, at a show dedicated to young scientists. The bag is also equipped with reflective bands and a pocket at its end: “The person who sleeps in it can put his clothes dry to prevent them from getting dirty or wet, so the pocket becomes a pillow”, says the teenager to the Irish Times. But that’s not all: the closure is velcro, which allows to enter and exit quickly.

A bag made by the homeless

The “Duffily Bag”, which Emily Duffy herself tested before putting it on the market, was designed to last for years, “longer than a conventional sleeping bag,” says the girl, who Says that several people already use it on the streets of Dublin. The Mendicity Institute, a charitable organization helping the most disadvantaged, has decided to launch a program, paying 20 euros every two hours for homeless people who participate in the manufacture of these new generation sleeping bags.

“While everything is electronic today, you can have a cheap product and handmade by unqualified people,” Judge Julian, who allowed Emily Duffy to have her bag made, said. The TheJournal. ie website , which also tested the bag, reports that the judge is trying to improve the quality of the product based on feedback from the homeless community.