Waterproof Outdoor Jackets for Hiking and Camping

It attracts sports fans in the fresh air, so it is important to have the right jacket for every season and every sport. So must not necessarily be on the way back when a sudden change in the weather home. In stores, numerous outdoor jackets offered, each was on certain weather conditions, rain, wind, or cold, matched are. A basic decision is whether with or without hood. The classic waterproof outdoor jacket has a hood and protects the wearer with a water column of 1,300 mm to 50.000 mm. The unit indicates the water permeability of a substance or a membrane. This applies: the higher the value, the more waterproof. From a value of 1,500 mm water column, a jacket is considered waterproof and ideally complements the rain gear. This is not always necessary however. For this reason, it is advisable to consider the piece of clothing must meet which requirements before buying a jacket for outdoor use. In addition to the water permeability are additional properties, such as the respiratory activity of importance.

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Soft shell jackets – light weights under the outdoor jackets

Soft shell jackets consist of a soft, flexible material that does not restrict the freedom of movement during sports activities. The light outdoor jackets is composed of functional textiles in two or three layers of the membrane. The inner layer of fleece or suede guarantees an excellent heat insulation and transported thanks to good breathable properties outside moisture resulting from heavy physical exertion. The middle layer of the membrane is also breathable and protects from wind. Some models also have a waterproof outer layer. In addition to the functional properties, all soft shell jackets are also very easily and have low pack volume. So, they occupy very little space in the Backpack on outdoor tours.

Fleeces – functionality and comfort

Fleece jacket heat particularly well using its special material composition of soft polyester fibres. They are slightly resistant to moisture and dry quickly. Even after a shower of rain, they are ready for use the next day. But even in the damp State they act more insulating and keep warm the body. They are ideal for the transitional period. Worn alone or but in combination with other outdoor jacket from shell casings they protect the wearer from cold, without doing unnecessarily to complain and to restrict the ability to move. Because the fleece material is very light and can be well folded, it is ideally suited for carrying in your backpack. Despite the good insulation, fleece jackets are characterized also by an excellent breathability.

Double jackets – three outdoor jackets in one

A jacket can be worn in three different versions and is thus extremely versatile. A zipper system combines the warm inner jacket made of fleece with wind and weather protective shell jacket. Depending on the weather conditions and ambient temperature, the appropriate two outdoor jackets can individually or be worn but in combination. Is only one of the jackets worn, the other can be stored easily in your backpack. Thanks to the high practicality, enjoy functional double jackets in the everyday life of popular and are ideal winter jackets.

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Functional jackets with high-tech in nature

The most functional jackets are made of a solid material and are particularly resistant to shocks and scratches. They offer good protection from the weather – the ideal conditions for outdoor enthusiasts, who can not stop him also by unfavorable weather conditions with wind and rain. Due through the processing of innovative function membranes, they offer good air – and moisture-regulating properties in addition to protection against external influences. So the comfort also during heavy activity is not diminished.

You will find high-quality outdoor jackets of leading brands at Bridgat. Manufacturers such as THE NORTH FACE and JACK WOLFSKIN have made it the task, the upscale requirements brings the outdoor sports with particularly well to meet.