Water Bottle Harvests Water from Air

Austrian designer Christophe Retezar (Kristof Retezár) create interesting device Fontus, which is placed on a bicycle and collect drinking water from the air. Fontus consists of a plastic box condensation of clean drinking water and a bottle that can be removed and replaced.

Fontus is fastened to the frame of the bicycle, like for condensation of the drinking water using the flow of air which is formed during the course of cycling. The moisture formed on the cold plates, and the condensed water droplets flow into the bottle with straw. The cooling of the plates is done by means of a Peltier element, which is powered by a solar battery.

The device does not seem complicated, but in humidity 80-90% and temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius for one hour only provides 0.5 liters of drinking water. It has a filter for purification of condensed water in areas with polluted air.

The designer intends to present a second model of this device, which will also have a solar panel element Peltier, but the airflow will be formed with the help of a ventilator.
Christoph Retezar intends to collect the necessary amount of production sites Fontus by user investment. According to him, the device will cost about 100 US dollars.