Want a Break When Climbing a Bicycle? See This Invention

Those who have adopted the bicycle as a means of transportation have several benefits.In addition to saving on fuel, the skinny still offers benefits such as improving physical fitness for a healthier life, contribute to a cleaner air and still be able to divert traffic jams.However, those who ride the bike also have to face some obstacles.

Often, they can come in the form of a huge uphill. The way is to take a breath and pedal with will. Other times, it is necessary to get off the bike to go on foot pushing it, depending on how steep the climb is. But in Norway, there is a much more practical way for cyclists to climb more easily.

In the Norwegian city of Trondheim, the solution found for this was a system that helps the cyclist on the climb with a type of treadmill, but it is only for one foot, as you can see in the gallery images below.

According to the  Bored Panda, the system was created in the 90’s by a citizen who got tired of appearing to work sweaty and exhausted due to his cycling trips to the service.Named Trampe system, it was recently upgraded and renamed CycloCable, having already taken more than 200 thousand cyclists along the steep 150-meter course.

As it is curious, the site of the system has also become a tourist spot. The CycloCable works as follows: the cyclists puts a foot on the sloped platform of the system, which has a type of trellis, and then it will be pushed up the hill at a speed of eight miles per hour.

And the bicycle treadmill does not only take those who use this type of transportation.Who rides a scooter and even mothers with baby strollers take advantage of the help of the system to climb the immense slope. It is a good idea for some cities of very irregular soil that has many climbs. Click picktrue for how to adjust bike roller.