Vallnord World Cup

Our site: Jenny Rissveds, superior världscupsegrare in the U23 class, and also the Bicyclings columnist, is one of the favourites for the World Cup Preview in mountain biking. IDA J, junior, who won bronze at the European Championships, is another. Here’s all the info for the World Cup in Vallnord, Andorra.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in mountain biking and trial is imminent and total of 13 Swedish cyclists participating in the competitions taking place between August 31 and September 6.It is a team that has undergone tough topped the national selections to go with on the Championship. Among the withdrawn several medal candidates, including Jenny Rissveds which at the weekend became the superior of the World Cup overall winner in the women’s U23 class and Ida J, junior, who won the bronze medal at the European Championships.

This year’s Edition of the UCI World Championships yesterday in Vallnord, Andorra. MTB-trails is located at 1 900 m in height and have not a flat metres throughout the area.

The Swedish MTB-team lines up in the disciplines of cross country, sprint, relay and downhill. According to the Swedish Cycling Association’s national coach, Anders Ljungberg, there are good chances for medals this year, with a bunch of talented and very excited.

National team cyclists have been during one week on site to load before the races and acclimatise in the area. A necessity to accommodate the technically demanding cross-countrybanan (XCO) at 4.2 km and 1 900 m altitude. Sprint track (XCE) is 0.9 km and goes even at high altitude.

New this year – Swedish national trial
In addition to the MTB-bikes, the Swedish Squad of four cyclists who run bike trial. It is the first time that Sweden send a national team to compete in the discipline. Races today in La Massana, Andorra and Sweden’s biggest medal hope is the reigning Swedish Champion Joacim Nymann from Gothenburg. Joacim was standing on the podium last weekend with a third place in the UCI World Cup in France and is currently third in this year’s World Cup series with one race remaining.

– The Swedish trialåkarna are of a high level and have shown that they can compete with the best. It will be exciting to see what they can do at a World Cup, “said Anders Ljungberg, head coach for MTB and trial.

The World Cup PROGRAM 2015
Day by day with Swedish participation:

Tuesday september 1

MTB XCE (sprint)
Matthias W, SCS Racing team CK
Axel Lindh, SCS Racing team CK
Emil Linde, Gävle CK
Ida J, Falu CK

Trial team competition (new this year)
Team participants are determined on site

Wednesday, september 2

MTB XCR (relay)
Emil Lindgren, Joel Burman, Jenny Rissveds and Axel Lindh

But Junior 20 “semifinals:
Viktor Hedin, CK Dainon
But Elite 20 ‘ semifinals:
Joacim Nymann, Kinds Go Green CK
Tobias Hult, CK Dainon

Thursday september 3

MTB XCO (cross country)
IDA J, Falu CK, Lady junior
Joel Burman, Borlänge, Mr junior

But Elite 26 “½ finals
Alexander Carlsson, Kinds Go Green CK

Friday september 4

MTB XC0 (cross country)
Jenny Rissveds, Falu CK/Scott-Odlo MTB Racing Team, the women’s U23
Axel Lindh, SCS Racing team CK, men U23
Emil Linde, Gävle CK, men U23

Final But Junior 20 “(the top six from semi-finals)
Final But Elite 20 “(the top six from semi-finals)

Saturday september 5

Matthias W, Falu CK, men’s elite
Emil Lindgren, CK Natén Säter/Kargo Pro MTB Team, men’s elite

Final But Elite 26 “(the top six from semi-finals)

Sunday september 6

MTB DHI (downhill)
Marcus Hansson, CK Wänershof, men’s elite
Jonathan Sandberg, CF Free Riders, Mr junior
Facts about disciplines

Cross country (XCO) is an Olympic discipline in mountainbikesporten, and thus the most prestigious. The competition goes to much like a mass start on cross-country skis, all start at the same time and the first to cross the finish line wins. One difference is that you are running many laps on a course which is usually between four and five kilometers long, where six to eight laps running depending on the number of meters of altitude, and weather conditions.

Sprint (XCE) is the last discipline in UCI’s program. The first official World Championships took place in 2012 and which won the Swedish Alexandra Engen. The competition goes to a sprint in cross-country skiing. First time qualifications. Then heat in which two of four skaters get on to the next heat. Very spectacular sport where the focus is on explosiveness and technique. Certainly we will see cyclists who specialise in this discipline in the future.

Downhill (DHI) is very similar to downhill skiing. It starts individually and the fastest time down the win. The track can take five minutes and internationally is often close to the maximum time. Nationally, most slopes significantly shorter so there is times around one to three minutes. A very spectacular sports where there are huge demands on technical skill and sense of speed. Sweden has nice downhill-traditions with several international Championship medals.

The Trial