Valandre Swing 900 Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag SWING 900 in size M is a warm sleeping bag 4 season hiking and trekking, the templates up to 1, 80 m. Grey duck of excellent quality down and know-how of the French brand. Construction caissons in H.

Valandré notice:

Stocked with the best farmer duck down, SWING 900 is a sleeping bag for 4 seasons of first choice for your winter experiences at a very good price. Its 17 compartments (H building) and its anatomical cut combine efficiency and comfort.
Nothing in its construction is left to chance: Outer fabric polyamide Rip Stop WR of Asahi-KASEI (42, 5g / m²) associated with an interior polyester Rip Stop WR (40, 8 g/m²), seams hidden reducing abrasion of the wire and further protecting against the effects of moisture, hood and collar letting hot air out, footbox bringing warmth and comfort thanks to its triangular construction.
But its use is limited not only to these conditions: this bag can easily adapt to warmer temperatures because it opens completely or more rigorous because its internal volumes allow you to add additional layers without compress down (which alter its performance).

What is the standard of 3 temperatures EN13537?
The perception of cold or heat can be different from a person or from one manufacturer to the other. It is for this that an international standard has been implemented to allow stores to compare supply and the consumer.

This standard defines 3 temperatures for a sleeping bag:
1-Comfort temperature: the temperature at which a normal woman can sleep in released position.
2-Temperature comfort limit: the temperature at which a normal man can sleep in a folded 8 hours without waking up because of the cold.
3-Temperature Extreme: approaching the extreme limit, a normal woman will feel a great feeling of cold that can cause injury (hypothermia). It is not advisable for a normal user to reach the outer limits of the standard EN13537.