Unexpected Hiking On Padjelantaleden (9)

In Dárreluoppal

The next morning it rains a little less. I eat breakfast, noting that yesterday’s hike is felt in the body. Since it is sulbindningen, it must be improved. I cut the cord to more stumps and do an extra loop.

Sulbindning, Version 2.0. The idea is that the new cord stump to hold the loop in place so it does not wobble off.

Outside the cottage, I meet two German men when I go to fetch water in the river. They camped near (if I remember correctly) and eat breakfast.We’re talking a short time, including about water. So far they have purified everything and I declare that it is completely unnecessary. They tell us that they have been in Njoatsosvágge and that they came across Luohttojåhkå. Combat and too much water. I also tell if my drive and my friends’ adventures.

See you again when I am going to continue my walk. They look at my boots and surprised himself. I explained the problem and they do repair professional looking. However, I have my doubts. Then they give me a couple of bags Mountain House that they do not need, I think they feel a bit sorry for me. But the bags will come in handy later on.

The weather is better than the day before, only a few isolated showers.Mosquito however, it is quite ample. I enjoy the scenery while I go. When I turn around I see the mountain Staika far south. Only yesterday, I had been right next door.

It’s not a lot of people out there today. I faced just one other hiker, about halfway.

In places there are long stretches of boardwalk. The quality of these planks is much improved after the passage of Laponia limit. In the southern part of the Tarra Valley is, however boards worn, torn and (in the rain), slippery. It is a security risk, and a tragic example of what I’d heard about on the way home.

A rösning at the path, a few kilometers before Tarraluoppalstugorna.

I think the laces on my boots made an impression on the two Germans for a couple of days later, I hear that it is possible stories on Padjelantaleden of “the man with the ropes.” But my concerns about the attachment of sole were justified. Admittedly keep it better than the day before but still need to be upgraded with additional snow stumps and loops. The photo below shows how the binding looks on arrival at Tarraluoppalstugorna. Must be Version 2.5. Or something like that.

Tarraluoppalstugorna handled not by the Tourist but by Laponiatjuottjudus, and here the landlord Johanna been in place for several days. She amazes also when she sees the laces on my boots.Moreover, she says that she recognizes me. We did not get where we met and I install myself in one of the cottages.

Later that evening, I was invited to the cottage where she and her husband live. They offer a piece of freshly caught and cooked char.Fantastic good. We talk about bird inventories and I tell them what to do.We talk about many other things, and I get to know a little bit about the neighborhood. So, Johanna that it must have been in Aktse we met last year, when my friends and I came out of Sarek at the end of June. She had been there then.


Planning of inventory

I am aware that the following day will be a test of strength, and I dread a little for it. The area to be investigated in Njoatsosvágge located about 7 kilometers from the Tarraluoppalstugorna. Back and forth, it will be 14-15 kilometers to go. Then, the inventory round in Njoatsosvágge which in this case is about 10 kilometers, including the detours required. Thus, roughly 25 km off-road without any trail. If I had a tent I had been able to make a division, but now I have to do it all in a single day.

Since it is a circumstance to. The two friends who have my tent (and assorted other gadgets) will perhaps pass through inventory area during the day. Of course we have not been able to have telephone contact and the chance is in itself very small. But this was (about) their preliminary planning, and if they would do it, and I would see them, I will grieve me terribly. Would then most of my packing stand at the cottages, we would have to be separated again. So I decide to take it all. It will of course be much heavier to go up to Njoatsosvágge. And if we have not seen, I have to wear it packed the backpack back.

But I’ve decided. I pay for Johanna is already in the evening so that I may give me away very early. She asks about the chances that I will be back and I say “not sure, but probably.” Then I set the cell phone to wake up at half past three to go to bed.

I wonder so clear how this should go. If the weather is good, the project is feasible. Will it, however foul weather up there in Sarek, I would like to have a tent to sleep in.