Unexpected Hiking On Padjelantaleden (7)

The slope gets even steeper. But see, there is a much larger snowfields. If I give myself out of it so I can get almost all the way down to the valley bottom. Though it looks precariously steep out, especially the last part.Best to be careful. I “skiing” again. It goes even faster than before. In fact, far too quickly. It must be slowed, and in good time. I brake but nothing happens, I slip as fast anyway. Moreover, it is difficult to keep the balance. I suddenly end up on the seat patch and slides flat on the side down snow. But it is still just as fast. It does not slow down !!

Then I thought of something I’ve seen in a documentary, Everest in 1996. When Tenzing Norgay (the grandson, that is) are training for the ascent slides he performs a snowfield and slows its progress by turning on the belly and running down the ice ax in the snow. That section, I have seen many times and always wanted to try. Suddenly, I had the chance!

So if anyone is watching will see he how the older (?) Man with both hands gripping his cane and the white plastic bag at the same time, and sliding on his stomach running down the pointed end deep in the snow.First, not much happens, cane cutting like a knife through the soft snow.But after a little bit goes a little slower and eventually he stopped. He gets up, brushes of wet snow from clothes and go to the edge of the grass.He has not far to the valley, just he’s down. Handy. But was it really the wisest way? Hard to say. Fun he had in any case (though it seemed surely not at a distance).

The rest of the inventory continues without any adventurism than a few light rain showers. The work has a total of 6½ hours to perform. Among the last thing I would note is a sea eagle persecuted by a bunch of ravens.I boil water in my favorite place, and use one of the bags Mountain House that I got from the Germans the day before. Sends a grateful thought to them. Then I lie on the mattress and sleep a while.

My friends that I been looking for, I have not seen, so I put on my rucksack and start walking back to Tarraluoppalstugorna. Kängsnörena do not want to be stuck and I let them be. Sulan get loose most of the time. Now I’m on my way home and it feels as if it no longer matters how it goes with it. Should it drop completely, I have my camp shoes that works pretty well on a stage.

On the way home, I come across this troubled willow grouse.

The walk back to the cabins go well, but I’m tired and think that it takes a long time. Sometime after 21 o’clock I arrive and meet the landlord Johanna again. Then she says: There are some here who knows you.

I think of course it’s my journey buddies finally arrived. But it is not, but rather a Dutch couple who had come wandering from Tuottarstugorna.They have recognized my name in the guestbook. Now they tell me that we met on the northern train several years ago. We had been sitting in the same compartment and talked at length about the mountains, and when they came home they had read my blog on the outside. And now, tonight was the first sad that we missed each other, but there’ve been corrected. A surprising and nice coincidence, and it seems as if the world is not much larger than Padjelantaleden!

Before I go into my cottage “admire” the my boot laces that are now hanging loose without doing any good. Tomorrow, both they and I to move on to Såmmarlappa. But I feel a little worn and will not give me away as soon as they. Since I think two things. One is that we will meet again next evening, in Såmmarlappa. The second to trek back towards Kvikkjokk will become a pure haul, uneventful and a bit dull half.

It will prove that I am wrong on both points.