Unexpected Hiking On Padjelantaleden (2)

More visitors arrive

In the evening it rains a lot. I cook supper. Before I had finished knocking on the door and outside in the rain, three young men from Holland and Germany. As well, they have a tent to stay in, but they wonder if they can sit in the room and eat their food that they keep on the track (over an open fire, indeed). Yes, it is of course good, they are welcome. Though they change their minds when they find the woodshed and choose to sit there and eat instead. So I remain solo in nödrummet.

But not for long, for about 22 o’clock I open the door and see someone come walking in the rain. The person looks very wet out and I say “Welcome!”. In comes a young lady, a student from Berlin. She puts it down by wet backpack on the floor and starts to hang up their coats soaked. I gather together my own scattered gasket so that she will fit in the room.

The girl called Anastassija and she says that she was prepared to find me here. So, how can this be? Well, earlier in the day she had met the Dutch couple who told me that it would probably be an “elderly man” here. (Oh, so now you are old then, I think quietly.) In addition, she has heard of me as “the man with the ropes.” From what she said, I understand that my progress has been a topic of conversation on the trail.

Anastassijas adventure

Anastassija has not had it easy this day. Except that she is soaking wet, she has not eaten for many hours. I invite her on Ice Tea and cakes while the water boils up to her supper. She says that the large creek trail just after the meeting with Nordkalottleden been watered and combat. She had not come across the trail and looked for a ford further upstream. She had come a long way up the slope, but the stream had only gotten worse.A large bird had hovered above her and screamed and she was scared and thought that everything was quite surreal. In the end, she had come across the stream but not found back to Padjelantaleden but wandered around in the birch forest. After many hours in the rain so she finally arrived at Såmmarlappa.

She is very tired but there is nothing wrong with her ​​fighting spirit and good humor. While she eats, she says that this is the first time she goes herself in the mountains. She’s been here before, with her ​​boyfriend. But everything is almost the thrill for her. She has had trouble sleeping because she was afraid of what might be found in nature, and above all for the bears that she suspects lurking everywhere. I do what I can to reassure her.

But how will you present it? So here, perhaps: “Sure, an occasional bear lurking near your tent at night. Actually quite likely. And it is this case an eye on you when you walk in the woods, too. But I assure you, it makes you nothing and you do not see it even, although it would be very close. So you can be absolutely calm. ” No, it’s probably not the best thing to say, even if it is true. I try to choose a better formulation.

She has met with strange people too. A German woman she met did not want to talk to her but was like a thundercloud. But there was a very good reason for it. Her husband had namely suffered a mishap and slipped on a slippery footbridge and broken foot. It was so bad that he had to be retrieved by helicopter and flown to Gallivare. His wife had wanted to join but was denied. And as she was heading back to Kvikkjokk. The incident confirms what I often suspect: it is dangerous to follow a trail in the mountains, they are poorly maintained planks. Many who heard of this event were very upset.

In any case, Anastassija rest after a day of exploration, and the two almost sleepless nights. We drink tea and I take out a candy (well that she helps me to eat up excess packaging). Meanwhile, she tells us more.When she passed Tarrekaise earlier in the day there was lots of people there who wanted to stay. But no wardens and just nödrummet open. I wonder how it will end for rara Dutch couple and how they will manage the night.

I write more lines in the guestbook. Now I’m grinigare. There are a few well-chosen sentences about the state of things on the trail.