Unexpected Hiking On Padjelantaleden (1)

In the evening, I wash me in the stream that runs outside the cottages.Cold, of course, but also good to get clean after a sweaty day on the mountain. You have to do it fairly soon after it arrived. The body and the psyche’s when an idea “derailed” and goes on a little of each. If you wait too long you become too comfortable to want to rinse the water itself.

I buy a packet of rusks Johanna and eat toffee slices on a conveyor belt.With cream cheese on it is very good. Full and satisfied, I go to bed and sleep all 9 hours. When I wake up I feel a little lame after the previous day’s inventory in Njoatsosvágge.

Chat a while with the Dutch couple in the cottage next door. They go in the morning to Såmmarlappa and we look forward to seeing you there in the evening. I will not leave until after lunchtime. Before that, I managed to pay Johanna for overnighting. Since I was not originally intended to stay in the cottage this tour so I do not have that much cash with me. But there have been enough my two nights. Johanna asks of itself if I want to pay the bill, but I think it feels better to be debt free towardsBadjelánnda Laponia Tourism . In the future, STF me to pay for. I am a member and think that it is safe to do well to resolve when the time (but it’s just to say that you’re a bit naive).

Since I pack and give me away.

About halfway to Såmmarlappa is an old Sami settlement, where a family of Tuorpon Sami had a turf hut and a storage room. It will be reminded that the mountain is not really wilderness but rather cultivated land. With some elements of wilderness (or however you put it).

Shortly after the settlement, I have this nice view to the south. The slope coming from the right belongs to the rock Gárddevárre.

After I crossed the border to Padjelanta Laponia and I come to the side valley where the stream flows Gárddevárjåhkkå. It teaches is a prism hut where the brook meets the Tarra River. The hut is marked on my paper maps but not on the Web. The question is whether it is still operational. According Grundsten went sooner rather frequently west of the river, from Dárreluoppal and south. Then there were also bridges over some of jokkarna, but they are now destroyed. The mountain backdrop in the photo is Vuoksákvahta. On this side of the cliff lies the valley Fierrovagge (but is obscured from here).

The evening approaching, I look forward to coming to Såmmarlappa and sleep in a cozy cottage. Landlord had not arrived two days earlier, which was a Sunday. I thought it was a little strange, but now it’s Tuesday and a new week, so now there is certainly no where. But when I get to the hut is the same igenbommad previously. What is this? Since I do not intend to stay in the cabin at all, I have of course not taken out when the landlord were to arrive.

So I go once again to the nödrummet and expect to meet the Dutch couple there. But the room is empty. On the small table is a note with a message from them, written to me. It says that they moved on to the next house, Tarrekaise. I suspect that they thought that it would become too crowded and that the two beds would not be enough for the three of us. A caring! I am sending grateful thoughts to them.

In the room’s guest book, I write down some thoughts that people actually need to open the cabins at this time of the season.