Type of Sleeping Bags

Micro Mk III of Sea to Summit
Type of bag Mummy, slim fit
Side of temperature – 2 ° C (4 ° C to-18 ° C)
Insulation Down + 850 with hydrophobic treatment Ultra-Dry Down
Materials 20 d nylon shell with water repellent 2D NanoShell, nylon lining
Weight 0,680 kg to 0,755 kg (depending on size)
Volume (Tablet) 5 l
Price 470 $490 depending on size

Special features Bead weatherstripping, zipper full length YKK
No. 3, the feet section that closes by a cord and a mechanical node (possibility of ventilation and open the bag to make a duvet), good sized inner cover
Comments Yet here, the quality of the down is surprising (and pays). Really three seasons, and light with this! Unique, the feet section opens with a zipper and allows to ventilate the ends while facilitating the opening of the bag to make a blanket. The absence of collar, size minimalist of the bead, fabrics and lightweight zip make a bag to feather weight even if the Cup is not adjusted so that, after all. Open, it can be attached to another microphone to get a double bag. Thanks to the compression bag provided, it occupies only a small volume. Very versatile, it will be great for many activities. The strength, however, is not his strength.

Perseus – 7 ° C of MAN
Type of bag Mummy, loose fit
Side of temperature – 2 ° C to-12 ° C
Synthetic insulation, Eco GUY Hyperloft
Materials Shell polyester with water repellent, treatment of nylon taffeta lining
Weight 1.93 kg (regular size)
Volume (Tablet) 14.3 l
Price 163 $173 depending on size

Special features Flange, flange weatherstripping, different forms, inner pocket zippers
Comments The PHONECATIONS is an economic sleeping bag whose price is honest. The largest and heaviest of the test, it is more suitable for camping activities where the car remains near the tent by a hiking activity. We liked band broad and rigid, very effective anticoincement. Its interesting price, the quality of the materials and seams as well as its wide cut make it a good choice for occasional use.