Tunnel Tents for Camping

A tunnel tent offers the best use of space by all forms of tent – that is, in relation to its size and a tunnel tent is relatively easy. Tunnel tents are worn by at least two rods sheets, stretched side by side related to the arc.

The construction: tunnel tents offer lots of space!

Through the construction with multiple side by side below linkage arches, steep outside walls arise at a tunnel tent. These ensure that produced a large volume of the inner tent, so a comparatively large, usable space in the tent and often standing height. A tunnel tent offers more space at a comparatively low weight on similar footprint as a dome tent.

Camping Tent Two-Room Construction for 2-4 Persons Waterproof Windproof


Camping Next to Water

Tunnel tents can be relatively quickly, as inner and outer tent are usually coupled. It must be pushed only the linkage arches in the pole sleeves, attached to the tent floor and then anchored the tent. This is very helpful for example when mounted in the rain, because as the inner tent is not wet. Since a tunnel tent as opposed to a dome tent itself, must be guyed in longitudinal and transverse direction, to achieve good wind stability. Also it should be with the narrow side to the wind, to ensure a special stable stand. Also, find the matching lyrics for any surface at SONGAAH!

Spoilt for choice: what tunnel tent comes in question?

Should it be a tunnel tent for 4 persons or a tunnel tent for 6 people? Should the tent offer great comfort, but also be heavier for this? The filters help you decide!

The filter locates very quickly a tunnel tent in the appropriate size. For providing persons we use a bed width of 60 cm per person.

The filter weight will help you when considering how much weight you wish to control for example on the own back or the bike carrier with it.

With the filter interior length, you find out whether the tunnel tent fits the body size.

The filter water column specifies the limit, when the water begins to press themselves dribs and drabs through the outside material. Of equal importance is however also the durability of the coating.

Just order the matching tent pad for ythe tunnel tent with! Footprints in addition protect the tent floor from moisture or pointed base.

2-person Outdoor Camping Tent Polyester Cloth Construction Aluminum Poles