Training with Weights… Something New?

We are talking about very regularly the latest advances and new trends in training both in the open air as in fitness centers, but when we go to the origins can see that working with weight to improve the physical condition is, precisely, nothing new.

Already in ancient Greece, people like Milo was devoted to load a calf as a form of training, and how contemporary his devoted themselves to create the first “ancestors” of cufflinks within the first grounds known as “gyms” (centers of the time where naked sports movements and competitions were held in honor of the gods as well as philosophical lectures). On the other hand, in ancient Persia worked with known as Hindu Club to train the force.

Dumbbells and bars as we know them today date from the end of the 19th century being Jack LaLane and Sandow (marked then as the father of bodybuilding modern and heavily influenced by the Greek culture) the most prominent pioneers of iron. Machines as we know them today are already product of the 60’s, placing much more recently as mid-90s plyometric training systems.