Training for Cykelvasan

Mountain bike: mountain bikers tend to resemble the calves on pasture as they for the first time placed on a nice trail in spring. Structure your training with our tips.

If the spring has been kind to us have all had the opportunity to experience this. Some may even have already started to resemble the tired cows standing in the pasture and perfunctory munching on grass. 

Find technology
This is a great time of year to improve themselves in the local fauna of paths and technical terrain to work up a good bike used in the Woods again. Winter MTB-fallow has for most meant that both the technical skills and physics required in the terrain needs to be tightened. This is especially true for those who exclusively aiming on a technically easy races as Cykelvasan, or simply thrive on gravel roads and smooth trails. Spring and autumn are the occasions that lend themselves best to broaden your technical skills to help you get more out of your cycling.

Do not release the power
Continue with strength training for the whole body. Isn’t it more fun to roam in the Woods than to lift heavy stuff and then put them down again in a sweaty gym, but the strength is needed, however, in mountain bike – both in the legs and upper body – so do not give up.The risk is not only that you perform worse, but also that you get back pain when cycling.