Tour of Lombardy 2015 Sportive

On October 4, 2015, the Tour of Lombardy will be operated.The Italian Giro di Lombardia is called round. The tour of Lombardy, the last classic of the cycling season. In the year 2015 109. Round of the Lombardy region will take place. The contest is called the exchange rate falling leaves due to the fact that the Tour of Lombardy drive in the fall.


Since 1905, the Giro di Lombardia driving. in 1943 and 1944, there is no one riding the Tour of Lombardy. In this case, with the second world war. The tour of Lombardy is run from the beginning in Italy. RCS Sport organises this trip. RCS Sport is an Italian company engaged in organizing major sports events. They also organises the Tour of Italy and the Tour of Lazio. The first and second edition of the Tour of Lombardy Milan called Milan. Two years after the first Milan-Milan was named game ll Lombardia. In Dutch translated at the Tour of Lombardy.
The first batch of Lombardy was won by Giovanni Gerbi, which was more than 40 minutes earlier than his fellow cyclists. He had used a route to the train tracks instead of the normal winding road that had to take the cyclists. From 2005 to 2010, the Tour of Lombardy was part of the UCI Pro Tour. Since 2011 the Tour of Lombardy is part of the UCI World Tour. The tour of Lombardy is run on paved road and trail features steep section.
Lombardy is located in Northern Italy, where the trail also must be made before the Tour of Lombardy.From 2012, the race was postponed a couple of weeks into the program, and race a week after the World Championships driving games, which acts as a replay for drivers who had expected more from the World Cup.

The tour of Lombardy 2015

The finish is in the Tour of Lombardy Bergamo, not in 2015 but on Lake Como. Wall Sormano is back on track. The deep-drawn finals of San Fermo della Battaglia, who is a 2.7 km climb the steepest section.Once up, it is still 4.6 kilometres down to the finish line.

  • B = Lake Como
  • A = Bergamo

Trail Tour of Lombardy 2015

2015, the Tour of Lombardy is run on SUNDAY, October 4, 2015. Previous round sometimes later ran. But from this day race in 2012 run around the end of september, beginning of October. The contest is called the exchange rate falling leaves, since the end of september, beginning of October fall. This competition is reserved for the real climbers.
Lombardy is not in the Pyrenees, so for most riders a terrain that they don’t often encounter. It is therefore not surprising that most games are won in the Lombardy region of the Italian. Mountaineers can also be less motivated than earlier in the year. The tour of Lombardy is the end of the cycling season and for some riders the idea will slowly but surely going blank at the end of the season. The mountaineers will want to compete to become the winner of the Tour of Lombardy in 2015.
The tour of Lombardy counts against UCI Worldtour rankings. UCI World ranking is as Eredivisie only for cyclists. With one-day competitions to earn the most points in the standings in the UCI World Tour. The UCI first used a different system where you can earn points by one day competitions. If you are first in the Tour of Lombardy in 2015 you will get 100 points, 80 points for second, 70 for third, fourth gets 60 points, the fifth is 50, the sixth, 40 points, the seventh 30 eighth twenty, ten to the ninth and tenth will be four. Below 10th place gives no points. 2015, The Tour of Lombardy was won by Vincenzo Nibali.
Participant list
This is the final list of participants including the number of the Tour of Lombardy in 2015:
If you want to watch the Tour of Lombardy, on October 4, 2015, you can do so at the stations: NIS Sporza and Eurosport. Broadcast on Eurosport starts around 15:30.
Le Champion
In the Lombardy region around Lake Como and Bergamo, one of the classics. For the pros, is the last major race of the cycling season. Le Champion organized this classic every two years for tourists who want to go the route as part of the classic week. The classic week is a week in which three great classics can be operated. The tour of Lombardy in 2015 could be run on april 30, 2015.

Five monuments

The tour of Lombardy is part of the five monuments. The five monuments are five cycling events which are regarded as old and prestigious cycling races. Eddy Merckx monument has the most victories, he won nineteen times a monument, including seven times in the Milan-Sanremo and five times the Liège-Bastogne-Liège. Eddy Merckx, a Belgian bicycle racer who was active from 1961 to 1978 as a professional cyclist. Eddy Merckx won the Tour de France five times, reaching 34 stage wins. He won the World Championship three times and won the 1973 Tour of Spain. In the Tour of Spain, he won the seven stage wins. This includes matches Milan-San Remo, tour of Flanders, Paris-Roubaix, Liège-Bastogne-Liège and the Tour of Lombardy.
Milan-San Remo
The first great classic of the cycling season. The contest is known as a sprint classic. The course is flat, which makes sprinters often have much chance of victory, the race will take place since 1907.This ride is mainly driven around the end of March and is also known as La Primavera. The competition is being held in Italy. As well as the Tour of Lombardy, is the competition organised by the RCS. 2015, the winner of Milan-San Remo is John Degenkolb.
Tour of Flanders
The first Belgian cobbled classics. Normally, the contest starts the beginning of april. The first edition was in 1913, is the Tour of Flanders the youngest classics five monuments. The attraction is known as a build up of narrow roads, sharp curves and steep slopes. The winner of the annual Tour of Flanders was Alexander Kristoff. On the second place finisher, Niki Terpstra.
A cobbled classics operated normally after the Tour of Flanders. The first edition was in 1896. The contest consists of long cobbled sections, where the riders are thrown about. This time not in Belgium, but in France. Often long paved road is muddier than in the Tour of Flanders. The winner of the 2015 ‘s John Degenkolb. In 2014, Niki Terpstra finished in one place.
The last Ardenne Classic to be held around the end of april. The first Professional Edition was 1894.Prior to that, held at an amateur level the match. This ride is known as a ride with many steep hills.This journey is often won by a mountain specialist. As Alejandro Valverde finished a place in 2015.
The tour of Lombardy
A true fall classic. The first Tour of Lombardy began in 1905, until 1907 was appointed to have him now. This ride is ridden every year in late september or early October.


The tour of Lombardy, usually won by an Italian, with 67 times! Belgium is in second place with 12 victories in France and three with 11 victories. The tour of Lombardy, won three times by a Dutchman.
Here are the winners of the Tour of Lombardy: