Tour d’ Algerie

Road: 10-March 14 participating Teams in Refero ckc4 Tour d’ Algerie. The plan is to run offensively and prove themselves as much as possible rather than to chase investments.

Team Refero ckc4 sends a team of six cyclists: Simon Galle, Isaac Lundgren, Fredrik Olofsson, Per Hedlund, Peter Carlsson and Peter N. Accompanying leader’s Gabriella Ekström and Mohamed Mekerba.

The team considers the Tour d ‘ Algerie as a chance to experience and a great opportunity to get in competitive shape. Tour d ‘ Algerie is a category 2.2 competition and part of Africa Tour.

The 19th edition of the Tour of Algeria consists of five stages between algae and Sidi Bel Abbes.

10/3 Algae-Aïn Defla, 140 km
11/3 Chlef-Mostaganem, 137 km
12/3 Oran-Sidi Bel Abbès, 151 km
13/3 Oran-Oran, 87 km
14/3 Oran-Oran Santa Cruz, 127 km

Information about the competition, results and blogs, etc. will be posted on the team’s website: our site.

The tour of Algeria have experienced a turbulent history to say the least. In fact, after the first edition 1949, running the race just for the 19th time this year.
In 1949 this race consisted of 19 stages and was a professional competition. During these stages were visited much of the country. In addition to the war in Algeria and the political situation in the country, it was perhaps also the complexity of the organization which resulted in the att1953 temporarily ceased.
The race was resumed in 1970 on the initiative of the Algerian cycling association as an amateur contest and was run in four years. Since then, it has closed down and resumed several times.
Last year was the Tour of Algeria back with the 18th Edition of the class 2.2 UCI Africa Tour in, with five stages at the end of June.