“Top 10” – The Best Places to Pedal

Walking Bike is certainly one of the most enjoyable and beneficial physical activities for the health of the body and also of the mind.

“Top 10” – The Best Places to Pedal

Through the pedals you can be knowing infinite places and environments, have contact with people of the most varied styles and you may also be experiencing several different modalities of biking, where each of them presents their specifics, but all revolve around a single objective: to promote their physical, mental and social well-being.

For those people who are passionate about cycling and are always looking to get to know new places through this practice, we will give you some tips on incredible places to cycle.

1 – Crossing the Andes, Argentina

One of the most incredible pedaling places for you to get to know on your pedals is the Andes. Although many people think that walking the Andes means facing many climbs, high altitudes and great challenges are much mistaken.

There are plenty of points to be crossing these incredible mountains in a much quieter way than it may seem. Among those points what most attracts the attention of visitors corresponds to the Crossing of the Andes through the point of Vergara that goes from Argentina to Chile.

They are on average 370km of beautiful landscapes, with pedals made in open road in the periods when the snow does not fill this space and through this route it is possible to cross the Andes always pedalando next to a river.

Cyclists who have had the chance to go through this experience certainly have not forgotten this stunning place that makes the planet be even more beautiful.

2 – Bahia Beaches, Brazil

The Bahia beaches correspond to one of the most beautiful itineraries of cycling to ride a bicycle in Brazil, because it gathers everything that is necessary in a trip of Bike. They are great accommodations, impeccable gastronomy, great hospitality, breathtaking scenery and a stunning sea that accompanies the cyclist on his pedals offering a simply perfect breeze.

A pedaling that invigorates the cyclist in every way and at the same time offers a quiet and cozy atmosphere. It is certainly one of the best places to cycle and relax.

3 – Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is a place that undoubtedly reserves many beauties at times of the year. Whether in the winter or even in the summer its beautiful scenery always end up marking this scenario.

The harmony that exists between the places, the moments and also the atmospheres that give this place a special touch.

A simply incredible scenario that manages routes with medieval airs with routes with more charming and refined environments.

For sure Tuscany is one of the places to pedal that surely can not leave to be in its route of trip in two wheels.

4 – Santiago Compostela, Spain

This is a script that is certainly on the list of places to pedal many cyclists. To pedal this place requires a lot of study. It is important that you look for different points of view, look for information of the place, finally look for ways that will give you a better knowledge of the routes of Santiago de Compostela so that you can make the most of the routes that this beautiful place has to offer.

5 – Path of Faith, Brazil

This is the Brazilian version of Santiago de Compostela. This route of faith leads pilgrims on foot, on horseback or even those who are biking towards the largest sanctuary in the world located in the city of Aparecida in São Paulo.

They are in average 425km of trail where it is possible to cross rivers, villages, waterfalls and everything that the local nature has to offer.

This path undoubtedly integrates the true Brazilian interior environment, always religious and hospitable, accompanied by typical rural scenery, with cattle herds in full view along the way, animals like dogs protecting small properties and quite a lot of climbs. This is certainly an unforgettable place and you should pedal for it one day.

6 – Provence, France

When you have the opportunity to ride a bike in this place, you never forget your look, since pedaling in Provence is synonymous with enjoying lush landscapes under the sunlight that seems to have a special shine in this place that was as much inspiration for painters famous as Van Gogh, for example.

So if you have the chance to pedal in this wonderful place you will surely understand perfectly what we are talking about. This is certainly one of the most unforgettable cycling places!

7- Pedal in the Sertão, Paraíba, Brazil

Roadmap similar to that of Moab in the United States the backcountry landscape is not only similar to this place, but also offers beauties that outweigh the American trails.

With its semi-arid climate the landscape of the hinterland ends up producing an exuberant and unique scenery. There are several attractions such as rivers of temporary duration, rock formations, archaeological sites, and all these factors allied to its plant diversity give a very peculiar aspect to this region, making it one of the great places to pedal.

8 – Serra da Mantiqueira, Brazil

Being considered one of the most important mountain chains in Brazil, the Serra da Mantiqueira is about 500km long along the state of São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro.

Its name has indigenous origin and it refers to its diverse springs, streams and waterfalls existing in its slopes. This place presents an ideal temperature to pedal in its most varied cities, being the best known of them Campos do Jordão.

Its landscapes are beautiful and warm and those who visit this place surely enjoy a unique and unforgettable look.

9- Pipa Beach, Brazil

Located in Rio Grande do Norte, Praia de Pipa is considered one of the most beautiful northeastern beaches in Brazil. By pedaling on a bike you can enjoy the lush scenery offered by the region of Pipa.

Those who go to this place should experience a delicious pedaling of a few kilometers passing through the city of Sibaúma, where this represents a route of prominence in this region. This is also certainly one of the best places to pedal.

10 – Easter Island, Pacific

There is no better way to know this place than to bike. This small island has only 180km² presenting a different format which ends up creating an exotic and enigmatic environment where you can not miss.

The presence of moais, which are human figures made of stone, represent their trademark. But beyond these the island’s landscape is simply breathtaking and inviting.

So do not forget to enter Easter Island on your list of places to practice cycling.

Anyway with this assortment of beautiful and exuberant places available around the world with sure local for you to carry out a pediment full of attractive and natural beauties is not going to miss. Just choose one or more of these places to pedal that please you and continue towards your trip.

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