To Eat, Do Fresh or Frozen Fish?

The fish is a basic food in our diet that we don’t have to stop consuming. Many times due to lack of time or money to forgo this dish, so we can dip always the frozen fish, which many people wary not to consider it good.

From HowStuffWorks we have done many times this question, and we want to clarify a few points about whether It is better the frozen or fresh fish. Since then a freshly-caught fish is better for health, but in many cases what we sell as fresh is not it at all, so the frozen fish is important to give us more and better nutrient.

Fish is an important source of proteins, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids for the organism as omega 3. Certainly there are countless varieties and species of fish that can be found in the market and they sell them as fresh. In what refers to frozen fan is less, since not all species are suitable for freezing, therefore in this process they may lose properties or damaged.

Than a fresh fish, i.e. newly recien capturado captured certainly much healthier one frozen, since it keeps more properties intact, since some vitamins are destroyed with low temperatures. But the problem is that many times the fish that we sell as fresh is not at all, having many less nutritional qualities.

When buying fish, it is important to look at some signs denoting its freshness, eyes empty and off are a sign that the fish is not fresh, as well as some gills dull and yellowish. Normally we do not repair in that when the fish hits the market you have been able to spend several days since it has fish, has been able to suffer in the transport and has been able to keep cameras in the own establishments, which decreases the quality of the same.

Against this we have the frozen fish, in many cases it preserves more qualities to which we sold as fresh and it is not. Freezing is carried out in own fishing boats, which are real factories, so the freshness of the copies freeze is maximum, while retaining the most nutrients. Yes it is true that the freezing destroys some vitamins, but the rest of nutrients are preserved in perfect condition and that will respect the cold process.

In the case of the also frozen fish we see fraud, and is that sometimes get damaged copies because the process of cooled is altered or is varied while he is transporting. In addition, we need to prepare the fish following the instructions of the manufacturer for maximum performance, since the preparation sometimes tends to be a brake to eat frozen fish, because many people think that you don’t know as well as the fresh, and is not so, because if you cook well you don’t have to know why worst.

Either way it is important that we consume fish, but with suitable safeguards, for what we need to repair on the qualities of each copy and know if at a time when we should be more fresh fish or frozen.